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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
Absolon PPC02.09.1998FreewareHP3D demo, Venus Art + Madwizards, Gravity 1998 (3.)
Another Dream Away PPC FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Slach 2002 (1.)
AROS Demos PPC04.04.2004OpenSource Small games and demos ported from AROS
Badger PPC
05.04.2005FreewareHPBadger Badger Badger ... snake!
Ballfield PPC22.06.2005OpenSource Ballfield SDL demo
Boy by Fit PPC08.06.2008FreewareHPwinning demo from Icons 2008, Fit
BX-GL1 PPC FreewareHPdemo, Bluebox Cinematique GmbH, Fyanica 2005 (1.)
By Night PPC FreewareHPdemo, Encore, Symphony 2003 (1.)
Cull Bazaar PPC FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Assembly 2001 (11.)
DeathTrial PPC16.04.2000FreewareHPdemo, mankind, Ukonx 2000 (1.), patch
Dose 2 PPC FreewareHPdemo, mfx, Assembly 2001 (5.)
Dr.Fungi goes Africa PPC18.04.2004OpenSourceHPdemo, FIT
Everything Dies PPC30.04.1998FreewareHP3D demo, Venus Art, Astrosyn 1997 (1.)
Fate Fits Karma PPC FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Breakpoint 2003 (2.)
Feels Good PPC FreewareHPdemo, Dual Crew & Shining, Motorola Inside 2005 (3.)
fire 0.3PPC09.06.2009OpenSource SDL demo with fire/flames effects
FireFlies PPC OpenSourceHPsmall TinyGL demo
Fireworks 1.0PPC09.07.2005OpenSourceHPFireworks SDL effect
Ghost In The Machine PPC13.06.1998Freeware 3D demo, Venus Art, party Gravity2
Glare PPC27.04.2005FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Breakpoint 2005 (3.)
Heavy Traffic PPC31.03.2002FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Mekka & Symposium 2002 (4.)
Hex Pistols PPC23.05.2005OpenSourceHPdemo, Fit, Motorola Inside 2005 (1.)
Chrysler PPC09.06.2004OpenSourceHPFIT a Bandwagon, Motorola Inside 2004
Jaegertime 68k11.04.2009FreewareHP3D demo, Dekadence, Breakpoint 2009 (6.)
Jenny Thinks PPC12.08.2004OpenSourceHPdemo, FIT, Assembly 2004 (4.)
Lightshaft 68k12.04.2009FreewareHP3D demo, Elude, Breakpoint 2009 (2.)
Megagreetro PPC22.05.2005FreewareHPgreetro, Rave Network Overscan, Motorola Inside 2005 (4.)
Morph3D 3.1PPC24.06.2006Freeware demo like Windows MORPH screen saver
New Dawn Fades PPC31.03.2002FreewareHP3D demo, Madwizards, Mekka & Symposium 2002 (8.)
No Sync PPC26.05.2003Freeware 3D demo, Universe, Equinoxe 2003
No Sync Iz Back PPC27.05.2003Freeware 3D demo, Universe, IGDRP 2
One Day Miracle PPC09.03.2003OpenSourceHP64k intro, FIT, Assembly 2002
Optimum PPC26.06.2005OpenSource Optimum demogroup SDL effects
Own Love Balance PPC23.03.2003FreewareHPdemo, Madwizards, Equinoxe 2003 (1.)
Plasma PPC10.07.2005OpenSource Plasma SDL effect
ReBirth PPC05.08.2004FreewareHP4k demo, Humus5, Assembly 2004
ScreenArt 1.1.1PPC26.06.2005OpenSource Dizzying eye candy SDL demo
SDL Demos PPC29.07.2002OpenSourceHPvarious SDL demos
SM Bounce PPC 1.0PPC13.06.1998Freeware bouncing boing ball, sample for StorMESA
SM Morph3D PPC 1.0PPC13.06.1998Freeware 3D morphing, sample for StormMESA
SM Olympic PPC 1.0PPC13.06.1998Freeware olympic, sample for StormMESA
SM Wave PPC 1.0PPC13.06.1998Freeware wave, sample for StormMESA
Split PPC02.09.2006Freeware demo, Jumalauta
Step Ahead PPC12.07.2004FreewareHP3D demo, Harvester, Symphony 2004 (2.)
Stercus Accidit PPC02.09.2006FreewareHPdemo, FIT
Sulaco PPC19.10.2002FreewareHP3D demo, Encore, Abstract 2002 (2.)
The Field Where I Died PPC14.09.1998FreewareHP3D demo, Venus Art, Intel Outside 1998 (2.)
The Unbelievable Truth PPC FreewareHPdemo, mankind, Euskal 2000 (1.)
Till I Feel You 2.1PPC28.02.2003Freeware 3D demo, Madwizards
Yellow Rose Of Texas PPC20.08.2003OpenSourceHP4k intro, FIT, Assembly 2003
Yellow Rose Of Texas TinyGLPPC09.06.2004OpenSourceHP4k intro, FIT
236 PPC01.09.2006Freeware demo, Team Power Amiga

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