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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
AHIRNG 1.2PPC01.03.2012OpenSource Audio Hardware Interface Random Number Generator is a tool to generate REAL random number from a soundcard
06.01.2008FreewareHPAdvanced CLI commands for OS V33-50
AlarmClock 1.5PPC05.10.2006Freeware nice full screen alarm clock, MP3 alarm
AmigaMARK 1.2PPC20.03.2015OpenSourceHPbenchmark: CPU, memory, disk
AmigaMARK LPA 2003 1.002 UpdatePPC29.03.2009Freeware AmigaMARK update, fixed network-access for morphos 2.x
AmiGOD 2 Beta68k15.06.2003FreewareHPbenchmark CPU 68k, 2D graphics, intution, beta hdd/mem (MorphOS 1.x compatible)
AmiGOD 2 ReloadedPPC01.07.2004FreewareHPPegasos information (board, CPU, cache and details)
Appenddate 1.4PPC25.12.2012OpenSourceHPappend dates to file and directory names
asciitable 1.1PPC01.03.2012OpenSource print out the ascii-table in diffent modes
AssignToy 2.368k07.01.2007Freeware Logical Device Manager, req. royalbridge, rxmui
Attach 1.068k18.05.2003Freeware shell Command which allows You to continue with interupted large file copying
AutoSync 1.068k24.02.2009OpenSource shell command, that synchronizes two directories (and subs)
banner 1.3.1PPC18.10.2004FreewareHPprints a short string to the console in very large letters
BHFormat 43.7PPC04.07.2008OpenSourceHPNSD-aware Format command with source, BH Format is intended to be a compatible replacement for Format under various operating systems of Amiga family with important additions
Binary Clock 0.5PPC23.10.2004OpenSource A fully portable tiny app outputting the current time to STDOUT, in a format similar to that of the binary LED-clock available from ThinkGeek.
Block 2.05PPC
11.01.2004FreewareHPsplit and join files
BlowFish 0.1PPC01.01.2006Freeware encrypt / decrypt your data
Boing Icon Bar 1.0PPC23.07.2011Freeware an icon toolbar with animation of bouncing icons
Bonnie PPC04.12.2006OpenSource I/O benchmark program, Unix port
bsdmainutils 6.0.17PPC01.03.2005OpenSourceHPa collection of utilities from FreeBSD distribution, MorphOS binaries
CaBoom 1.568k20.12.1996OpenSource Windows explode on opening/closing
CalcDeluxe 2.068k10.07.1995Freeware scientific calculator, with graphics
Calculator 1.1PPC
02.03.2006Freeware replacement for removed MorphOS Calculator, gadtools based
CDCat 3.0PPC
21.02.1999Shareware CD/HDD cataloger (morphos patch - lost link)
ClockToy 1.20PPC30.01.2005Freeware graphical clock
Clonck 1.1PPC07.04.2005FreewareHPan attractive, fully configurable analogue desktop clock
CloneCollect 1.7PPC01.03.2012OpenSource collects files with same attributes, GUI
cmatrix 1.2aPPC09.01.2005FreewareHPShow a scrolling 'Matrix' screen, req. MorphOS SDK (GeegGadgets)
Cmp 40.6PPC
11.01.2004FreewareHPcompare two binary files and print the difference
CoolCow 1.0PPC04.04.2012OpenSource Reduces heating of processor caused by client by switching it off and on periodically. Useful especially for Macs mini and PowerBooks, where fans get very noisy under heavy CPU load. MUI based interface. Written by Grzegorz Kraszewski. Source code included.
CopyIcon 0.9PPC23.01.2003Freeware change Icons with Tooltypes, Stack size, etc.
CopyToClip 2.0PPC23.01.2009FreewareHPcopy filename from Ambient to clipboard
cpio 2.9PPC23.02.2008OpenSourceHPGNU utility to copy to/from archives, req. MorphOS SDK (i.e. GeekGadgets)
CPU Monitor 1.4PPC18.06.2004FreewareHPshows CPU usage statistic
crc128 1.0PPC01.03.2012OpenSource 32-64-bit functions to calculate 128bit crc-checksums
CRC32 1.0PPC18.01.2004FreewareHPcalculates CRC32 checksums
ctags 5.6PPC25.12.2006OpenSourceHPgenerate tag files of source code
CyberLemmings 1.1PPC27.08.2003FreewareHPadds pets to your Ambient
Deficons Manager 0.1PPC
21.01.2007OpenSource DefIcons manager for Ambient (ARexx GUI, c:grep req., c:optipng optional)
diffstat 1.34PPC18.10.2004OpenSourceHPreads the output of the diff command and displaysa histogram of the insertions, deletions, and modifications in each file
Digital Almanac III 5.8bPPC21.02.2007OpenSource planetarium software, req. ISO CD (393MB)
DIL 1.5PPC01.10.2008Freeware Device Intervation Layer
Director 1.068k09.04.2008Freeware file manager
DirectoryOpus 4.17 pre2168k26.05.2003OpenSource filemanager
DirectoryOpus 4.18PPC24.07.2008OpenSource filemanager, 64bit DOS support (MorphOS 2.0 or newer)
DirectoryOpus Magellan II 5.8568k08.11.1999CommercialHPdesktop, filemanager
DirSize 2.6PPC
25.09.2008FreewareHPCLI command, calculate directory sizes
DirSSCompare 1.468k06.07.2003Freeware compares two dirs (for differences)
DiskSpeed 4.10PPC20.03.2006OpenSource DiskSpeed and ScsiSpeed
DisplayInfo 1.0PPC
26.08.2018Freeware Show detailed information about available display modes
DNetC client, RC5, OGR-NG project support
Dragon 1.2PPC24.08.2005FreewareHPscreen dragging
DrawerBall 1.0gPPC31.07.2011Freeware Directory tool
DupFinder 1.068k24.04.1995OpenSource finds even more duplicate files on your HD
DupFinderMUI 2.1PPC18.11.2008FreewareHPfinds duplicate files on your HD
dvdauthor 0.6.14PPC20.01.2009OpenSourceHPset of tools for authoring a DVD (dvdauthor, mpeg2desc, spumux, spuunmux)
D2A 1.1PPC07.07.2005Freeware simple patch that allows one to open DOpus Magellan listers by clicking on Ambients root window
EasyFind 2.068k03.09.1997Cardware file finder
Edison 1.068k16.01.2001Freeware patches ISO-image headers from MakeCD/BurnIt
EjectTool 2.18PPC
16.04.2006FreewareHPLoad/Eject/Toggle drive tray command
Elements 1.1PPC30.06.2008MorphOSHPperiodic table ot the elements
Elephant 1.7PPC12.12.2010FreewareHPnice elephants for your desktop, req. MorphOS 2
Eurography PPC21.05.2009Freeware geographical edutainment (Hollywood 3 - MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, Windows)
Expro 1.00PPC12.10.2007Freeware Executable Protector
e2fsck 1.39PPC16.12.2007OpenSourceHPthe Ext2/Ext3 File System repair tool
FileMaster 3.0.1PPC25.04.2006Freeware filemanager
FileMorph II 1.1068k06.09.1999Freeware snazy utility that manipulates file names and text, GUI
fixdate 1.2PPC01.03.2012OpenSource fix files that have a date in future
Fragment 1.5PPC30.12.2007FreewareHPvisualizes memory fragmentation
Freakbar 1.368k04.12.2006Freeware toolbar
Gammameter 1.2PPC13.07.2008OpenSource simple tool for measuring gamma coefficient of display devices
geekcode 1.7.3PPC20.09.2004OpenSourceHPThe Geek Code Generator will generate a geek code block for you by asking you a series of questions about yourself. The generated code can be pasted into your .sig or anywhere else you would like to display your geekiness
GLGlobe PPC15.04.2006OpenSourceHP3D OpenGL simulation of the Globe
GLLoad 0.4.2PPC30.04.2006OpenSource 3D CPU load display
gnupg 1.4.2 RC1PPC07.01.2006OpenSourceHPGNU Privacy Guard, complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard
grep 2.568k28.07.2006OpenSource cli utility, searches for lines of text that match one or many regular expressions, and outputs only the matching lines
Grunch 2.18PPC
08.10.2015FreewareHPapplication management system for MorphOS and AmigaOS
HitMenu 1.1268k20.07.2001Freeware small "software manager"
CharMap 2.0b68k20.07.2003Freeware display the whole charset of a given font
IceDoctor 1.5PPC23.10.2013SharewareHPthe ultimate healer and rescuer of IceFS (IceFileSystem) volumes
IRCom Remote 3.11PPC23.03.2009FreewareHPcontrol your computer by using a remote
IsoTools PPC11.10.2005Freeware convert b5i, bin, ccd, cdi, mdf or pdi to ISO-9660
jday 1.3PPC20.09.2004OpenSourceHPsimple command to convert calendar dates to julian dates
Jsplit 2.0168k28.09.1995Freeware split and join files via GUI
KeyMorpher 1.1PPC21.11.2004FreewareHPMUI KeyMap editor
KMS 2.1.5PPC25.06.2007FreewareHPKeyMap Switcher
Kryptos 50.6PPC02.11.2008MorphOSHPKryptos Disk Encryption Suite, TrueCrypt compatible
LCD Monitor Test 1.0PPC27.04.2008Freeware LCD monitor test
LCD Monitor Test 1.3PPC20.12.2014MorphOSHPLCD monitor test
LimpidClock 1.1768k01.11.2006FreewareHPclock
Lucy 2.33PPC09.09.2008FreewareHPsmall commodity that uses one of the new features of MorphOS 2.0 and makes currently inactive and/or unfocussed windows translucent, depending on its operation mode (V2.29+ is req. for MorphOS 2.1)
Magellambient PPC20.09.2004Freeware it starts DOpus Magellan under Ambient and allows you to open listers on Ambient in WBR style
MagicBeacon PPC15.10.2011FreewareHPhighly configurable notification and messaging system, download via Grunch
Matrix 1.9PPC
21.03.2002Freeware Matrix blanker
MediaLogger 1.12PPC22.05.2009FreewareHPthe logging tool for Reggae multimedia library
Meltium 1.60PPC30.01.2005FreewareHPgraphical CPUmeter with image
MemEater 1.1PPC01.02.2006Freeware tool for producing low memory situations
Meridian 3.11PPC23.03.2009FreewareHPPDA like input system
MFKey 1.10PPC02.01.2008FreewareHPattach special functions to keys
minicrc 0.2.2PPC23.10.2004OpenSourceHPcalculate CRC32 checksums
MisterBanana 1.3PPC01.02.2006FreewareHPlittle fellow for your desktop
mkisofs 2.0PPC04.01.2003OpenSourceHPISO image builder (devdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, mkisofs)
ModernArt 2.0PPC11.09.2009FreewareHPblanker for MorphOS. It draws psychedelic circles all over the screen producing multicoloured pieces of random modern art and will relax the mind and enrich the soul during those break times
MorphOS Exec Monitor 1.622PPC02.10.2006FreewareHPsystem information monitor, fully skinable
MorphOS Upgrade 1.34 LhAPPC08.05.2009FreewareHPnon-official MorphOS update package - mix of system files and programs
MorphTray 0.5PPC31.12.2004Freeware small windows like Tray app
MorphUP 1.02PPC22.02.2009OpenSource package managment system for installing, updating
MrMazinga 0.8PPC03.02.2006Freeware the bananas killer
MTool 2.3PPC20.09.2006OpenSourceHPdirectory utility
MUIFind 0.56bPPC14.08.2004Freeware MorphOS Version of MUIFind search utility
MultiRen 1.6868k02.08.2009FreewareHPpowerful multi-file renaming tool
NewFilemaster 3.1 Beta 868k06.10.2007Freeware Multitasking file manager, bugfixed
nrg2iso 0.4PPC13.02.2005OpenSourceHPconvertor CD (or DVD) image generated by Nero Burning Rom to ISO format
n2w PPC18.05.2005OpenSource Convert numbers to words
PCITool 3.0PPC
28.12.2013FreewareHPshow some informations about your Pci-Cards
Poet Plus 1.1+PPC
18.08.2006OpenSource generates random poetry
PointIt 1.0PPC20.02.2009FreewareHPactivates windows under mouse pointer, alternatively it can also bring windows to front.
poker-eval 133.0PPC31.12.2006OpenSourceHPC library to evaluate poker hands
PolyNET NG 1.47PPC04.04.2009FreewareHPIcon bar, req. PolyNetNG_Common a MUI4.
pspSaveGameMan 2.0PPC21.05.2007FreewareHPmanager for the savegames of a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
pucrunch 1.11PPC24.06.2008Freeware A cruncher for CBM executables and Z80
QOpenWB 1.0PPC
11.06.2006OpenSource open Ambient/WB window from the shell
R 3.0PPC06.03.2009MorphOSHPjust in time GUIs for nearly any DOS cmd
R 3.11PPC
29.03.2009FreewareHPjust in time GUIs for nearly any DOS cmd
RamSpeed 1.42PPC03.11.2004OpenSourceHPcache & memory benchmarking tool
Relax 2.1PPC01.03.2012OpenSource Control tool for 8-bit relay-cards
Replex transport stream from a DVB
Report+ 7.93+PPC14.09.2020FreewareHPReAction-based utility with nine functions:
It is a user-friendly, compatible replacement for the official Commodore bug reporting tool (V40.2), optionally sending emails automatically.
It can generate/edit Aminet-style and OS4Depot-style readmes.
It can edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory.
It can access the official manufacturer and product ID registries.
It can view IFF/RIFF files and their component chunks.
It can perform batch processing on icon files.
It can convert between various ASCII encodings.
It can show directory byte usage for any path, optionally also fixing protection bits and/or deleting files.
It can take a snapshot of a path and later compare the path against this, showing added, missing and changed files.
rhc 1.0PPC01.03.2012OpenSource a polymorphic cipher
rhErase 1.2PPC01.03.2012OpenSource Simple erase-tool for serious files, six different and strong modes
Ripple 1.1 WOSPPC28.04.1998Freeware funky rippling water effect on your WB screen
Rival 1.2bPPC25.04.2010FreewareHPcompare two directories recursivelly, GUI
scube 1.1PPC08.07.2012FreewareHPopened screens on sides of 3D cube
SearchStar 0.97cPPC28.11.2010Freeware fast filefinder, search thru files, into filecomments and list/copy files
Serialecho 50.7PPC09.02.2014OpenSourceHPdumps a line to serial debug output
SetTaskPri 1.168k26.02.2000FreewareHPsets the priority of a task/process, MUI GUI
SGI XFS 0.10PPC29.11.2008MorphOSHPSGI XFileSystem (XFS) driver (PPC/MOS/DOS64)
shapng 1.1PPC01.03.2012OpenSource convert sha256 of file to PNG-image
SHA256 1.2PPC01.06.2008OpenSourceHPutility to generate SHA256 Message Digest from files
sha256ht 1.1PPC01.03.2012OpenSource sha256ht (SHA256 HashTree)
Shorten 3.6.1PPC17.02.2009OpenSourceHPshorten is a fast, low complexity waveform coder (i.e. audio compressor)
SimpleFind3 1.268k22.02.2000Freeware file finder
Snapshoter 1.6.1PPC26.07.2011FreewareHPA Hollywood script with GUI for grabbing screens and windows and performing simple imageprocessing on them. Allows for inserting text and graphics primitives and layer based compositing. It can also capture video sequences.
Startup Prefs 1.26PPC18.01.2009Freeware GUI for startup-sequence and WBStartup administration
StatLine 0.16PPC09.02.2014FreewareHPshows different status information of your MorphOS
Stellarium 0.8.2PPC06.12.2006OpenSourceHPplanetarium
Stream 5.6PPC29.02.2008OpenSourceHPde facto industry standard benchmark for measuring sustained memory bandwidth
Sudominator 1.0PPC04.07.2011FreewareHPa program for automatic sudoku solving or assisting in manual solving. Sudoku is a popular, Japanese mathematic puzzle.
szoom 1.1PPC08.07.2012FreewareHPfullscreen zoom utillity, usage: hold CTRL + mouse whell
TaskTree 1.1PPC14.02.2009FreewareHPprints a list of tasks showing parent-child relations
tidy PPC02.08.2005OpenSourceHPclean up and fix your HTML-code
Time 1.1PPC19.02.2009FreewareHPreports the elapsed time from beginning to end of a program
Tooltype 1.4PPC06.03.2008FreewareHPmanages tooltypes of icon files via commandline
TopCPU 1.16PPC03.10.2006FreewareHPsmall CPU monitor (MUI) with freeze option
Transpoclock 1.07PPC06.12.2004FreewareHPskinable transparent digital clock with reminder
VirusZ III 1.0268k14.08.2004FreewareHPantivirus Software
VisualGuide 3.0PPC07.01.2005Freeware make filelist in AmigaGuide and HTML format, incl. name, lenght, version, date, time, comment, etc.
webalizer 2.01-10PPC07.10.2004OpenSourceHPA web server log file analysis tool
WiiLoader 1.1PPC02.03.2009FreewareHPNintendo Wii network loader utility
WirelessDesktop PPC15.10.2011FreewareHPremote keyboard od mouse (from iOS or Android) for MorphOS, download via Grunch
WolnyCD 1.2PPC
19.09.2005Freeware allows You to set read-speed of Your CD-ROM
XMasBench 0.3PPC
21.12.2003FreewareHPadds snow, decorations, xmas-tree to your Ambient
XML Viewer 0.16PPC28.05.2009FreewareHPXML viewer
Zapper 0.10PPC21.01.2005FreewareHPchange the behaviour of the zoom-button
Zoom 1.0PPC MorphOS magnify/zoom application
ZoomIt 1.2PPC
05.07.2011FreewareHPMUI-based magnify-zoom application

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