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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
Abandoned Bricks 1.12PPC23.02.2006OpenSourceHPSDL cross-platform tetris-like game
Abombniball 0.2bPPC18.08.2006OpenSource defuse bombs before they explode
Abuse 1.368k09.07.1998Commercial Jump'n'Run, requires AbuseBase-1.3.lha and Abuse PC data
Ace Of Hearts demoPPC CommercialHPA thrilling mixture of slot machine and classic poker game.
AceyDucey 3.1PPC
21.03.2012FreewareHPDies ist eine Nachahmung des Acey Ducey Kartenspiels. Im Spiel teilt der Geber (Computer) 2 Karten offen aus. Du kannst wahlen, ob du wetten willst oder nicht wetten willst, je nach dem Gefuhl, ob die nachste Karte (Karte Mitte) einen Wert zwischen den ersten beiden haben wird. Du kannst die Karte in der Mitte durch anklicken umdrehen und erfahren ob du gewonnen hast.
Addtraction 0.001PPC15.02.2006OpenSourceHPnumbers-based board game
Adventure Operation Sirius 1.0PPC27.02.2011SharewareHPOperation Sirius is a Point & Click Adventure Game in German. Taran - our hero - fights against the evil pirats in the galaxy. Complete the mission - find the home planet and his father.
Africa 1.45PPC12.09.2017FreewareHPconversion of 3W board game
Air Crash Manager 0.268k13.06.1996Freeware Kennedy Approach like ATC game (simple graphics)
Airline Tycoon DLX PPC16.02.2007CommercialHPfunny economy simulation proceeding in realtime and assigning you the complete responsibility for an airline
Airstrike 1.0pre6PPC19.02.2005OpenSourceHP2d dogfighting game
AlephOne 2005-01-18PPC05.10.2005OpenSourceHP3D first person shooter game, based on the game Marathon 2
Alien Breed Obliteration 13.11.2010OpenSourceHPAlien Breed remake, req. Python/Pygame, see AlienBreed SDL/Pygame on MorphOS
Alien Breed 3D II 68k OpenSourceHP3D action game (RTG patch)
AlienBlaster 1.1.0PPC18.02.2006OpenSourceHPshoot them up, 2 players
Aliens versus Predator 1.00PPC13.10.2013OpenSourceHPSci-Fi first-person 3D shooter. To play this game you need to original PC version of either Gold Edition or Classic 2000 Edition. I recommend the Classic 2000 Edition since it can still be bought of Steam and features background music while playing the game
AmiBrixx PPC22.05.2005Freeware logical game
AmiChess 2.1PPC19.01.2004OpenSource chess
Amoebax 0.2.0PPC19.08.2007OpenSourceHPpuzzle game
Anagramarama 0.1PPC09.11.2003OpenSourceHPlogical game
Angband 3.0.6PPC21.07.2006FreewareHPRogue like roleplaying game
Another Pool 0.982PPC21.04.2005OpenSourceHPsimple SDL pool game
Another Pool GL 0.99-pre22PPC30.08.2005OpenSourceHP3D/GL/SDL pool game
Aqua 1.1PPC
17.02.2007FreewareHPadventure game, Myst style, Aqua_2.lha, Aqua_3.lha, Aqua_4.lha, aquafix.lha - fixed Aqua executable for those that previously downloaded Aqua from the SuperBundle
Armagetron Tron clone
ArTKanoid 3.068k24.09.2005FreewareHPBreak Out/Arkanoid clone for the WB screen
ASB 0.4PPC18.01.2008OpenSource arcade game inspired by Air Sea Battle for Atari 2600
Ask Me Up 1.1.1PPC CommercialHPAsk Me Up is a video game about general knowledge.
ASokoban 2.468k05.07.1995Freeware sokoban
AsteroidsTR 1.4PPC
24.09.2005FreewareHPAsteroids Clone
Atakks 1.0PPC05.03.2008OpenSourceHPOthello-like clone for one or two players (screenshot)
AThrust 0.83c2PPC09.07.2005OpenSource C64 game Thrust remake
Bageln - a small number game 1.0PPC18.03.2011FreewareHPNumbers Game BAGELN Creative Computing Morristown, New Jersey the USA In this game the computer chooses a secret three-digit number with the figures 0 to 9, and you must try to guess them. Unfortunately, you have only 9 attempts ! No number is found repeated. After every rate attempt the computer gives you indications in the following way: PICO a number is correct, but on the wrong place FERMI a number is on the correct place BAGELN no number is correct.
Barkanoid II DemoPPC CommercialHParkanoid
Barrage 1.0.1PPC04.12.2005OpenSourceHPviolent action game with the objective to kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes
Battle For Wesnoth 1.8PPC09.04.2010OpenSourceHPfantasy strategy
BattleDuel 1.7.11068k02.01.2006FreewareHPartillery game, req. BattleDuel 1.7.105
BattlePong Beta 3PPC20.04.2005OpenSourceHPping pong
BattleSheep 68k02.09.1995Freeware sink ships (paper game)
BattleSquadron DemoPPC29.06.2016CommercialHPBattle Squadron is a vertically scrolling shooter for the Amiga computer platform.
Beats of Rage 1.0029PPC20.07.2005OpenSourceHParcade game, req. data from HP
Bermuda Syndrome 0.1.3PPC14.04.2008OpenSourceHPre-implementation of the engine used in the game Bermuda Syndrome made by Century Interactive and published by BMG in 1995, the original data files are required (retail or demo versions)
Berusky 1.7PPC01.10.2014OpenSourceHPBerusky is a free logic game, published under GNU Public License and it's based on an ancient puzzle named Sokoban. An old idea of moving boxes in a maze has been expanded with new logic items such as explosives, stones, special gates and so on. In addition, up to five bugs can cooperate and be controlled by the player.
Bid For Power 1.2PPC21.08.2005FreewareHP3D action game, Quake III MOD (total conversion)
Biniax1 1.2PPC03.02.2008OpenSourceHPoriginal and unique arcade logic game
Biniax2 1.20PPC03.02.2008OpenSourceHPBiniax-2 is the successor of Biniax, has three game modes (two singleplayer and one multiplayer), hall of fame, dynamic music and nice cartoon look
BirdieShoot PPC06.02.2003MorphOSHParcade game, shoot birds (Moorhuhn)
BiteFusion 1.0.0PPC23.07.2006OpenSourceHPa snake game, 8 levels
BlackJack 268k02.09.1995Freeware Blackjack card game
Blaster Bastards 0.75 BetaPPC28.01.2007FreewareHPMaster Blaster clone
Bloboats 1.0.1-2PPC02.09.2006OpenSourceHParcade-like boat racing game
BlobTrix 1.3.1PPC03.10.2005OpenSourceHPmultiplayer Tetris clone
BlobWars 1.10PPC21.02.2009OpenSourceHPnice platform game with over 25 missions
Block Atack 1.1.0PPC22.06.2005FreewareHPa clone of Tetris Attack
Block Rage 0.2.1PPC21.09.2005OpenSourceHPadjust falling blocks
BOFH: Servers Under Siege 1.5PPC01.05.2005OpenSourceHP2D shooter
Bolcataxian 1.01PPC28.11.2005Freeware vertical shoot em up
Bolcatoid 0.963PPC16.11.2004Freeware Arkanoid clone
Bomber PPC08.06.2006Freeware bomberman
Boulder Dash 5.2368k06.01.2006FreewareHPBoulder Dash
Boum 1.268k26.11.1999Freeware mine clone
Bugsquish 0.0.6PPC20.07.2005OpenSourceHPSquish bloodthirsty bugs with your fly swatter
CatTrap 1.468k18.08.1997Freeware push blocks and trap the cats
C-Dogs 0.3PPC12.09.2006OpenSourceHP1 or 2 player Shoot'em up
CircusLinux 1.0.3PPC17.10.2003OpenSourceHPmove a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air
CLS Pong PPC01.09.2005OpenSource ping pong
Concentration 1.2PPC31.01.2006OpenSource logical game
Connect4 0.5PPC29.11.2005OpenSource Connect 4 game using MUI
Conquest 1.2.1PPC18.09.2005Freeware ASCII game
Crimson Fiels 0.3.8PPC19.01.2004OpenSourceHPBattle Isle like tactical game
CrossFire II 1.03PPC
18.01.2003CommercialHPshot em up (demo-update)
Cube 20.10.2002PPC07.05.2004OpenSourceHP3D action game
Daimonin b4p1PPC13.05.2006OpenSourceHPonline multiplayer fantasy game
Defendguin 0.0.11PPC22.03.2006OpenSourceHPDefender clone
Descent PPC28.06.1999Commercial 3D action game (req. PC game data)
Descent Freespace PPC24.09.2006CommercialHP3D space shooter
Descent Freespace II PPC24.09.2006CommercialHP3D action game (opensource + PC game data)
Descent II 1.2PPC18.09.2005OpenSource 3D space shooter
Diamond Girl 0.29PPC20.04.2005FreewareHPBoulder Dash clone
Diamonds 1.2PPC02.03.2008MorphOSHPpuzzle with lots of shiny gems
DieserZug 1.368k20.12.1993Freeware snake game
Digger PPC20.04.2005FreewareHParcade game, Boulder dash clone
Dodgin' Diamond II 0.2.1PPC17.05.2005OpenSourceHPshot em up, 1 or 2 players
Don Ceferino Hazana 0.95PPC04.06.2005Freeware Pang clone
Don Simon PPC23.11.2003Freeware logical game, Simon
Doom PPC23.09.2003Commercial 3D action game (MOS freeware + PC game data)
Doom II PPC CommercialHP3D action game (MOS freeware + PC game data)
Doors 1.0PPC
24.04.2011FreewareHPIn this cute little game, there are four doors in succession and you must open them to get the prize behind the last one. You have a key ring containing 10 keys numbered 1 to 10 and you have 13 tries to open all four doors. As an added hooker, some keys may open more than one door. If at first you don?t succeed try, try again. The prizes behind the fourth door are well worth the patience in trying to get them all open. Doors was conceived and written by Bill Ingram. The today 2011 graphic version was done by KeHo Software. The game is still Freeware.
Do'SSi Zo'la 1.0PPC15.11.2005OpenSource logical game
DPoker 1.0b68k08.06.1995Freeware card game, poker
DukeNukem 0.3PPC16.09.2003CommercialHP3D action game (opensource + PC game data)
Dumbbell 1.4PPC17.02.2006OpenSource Nibbler SDL remake
Dune Legacy 0.95PPC05.03.2012OpenSourceHPmodernized clone of the game "Dune II", requires PAK-files from the original
dynAMIte 2.368k11.05.2003FreewareHPinternet only Bomberman/Dynablaster clone
30.05.2004FreewareHP3D, Pong clone, 100 levels
Earth 2140 1.1PPC03.12.2000CommercialHPstrategy game
Eat The Wistle 3.6PPC30.11.2011OpenSourceHPSensible World Of Soccer
EggChess 2005-12-31PPC01.01.2006OpenSourceHPlogical game
Egoboo PPC28.11.2005OpenSourceHP3D RPG, data
Entombed PPC01.08.2005OpenSourceHParcade game, remake of Atari 2600 classic Entombed
Eve 0.1PPC15.01.2008FreewareHPPreview version of action RPG game
Exodus: The Last War 2.168k Commercial war strategy, RTG patch
Fish Fillets NG 0.7.0PPC04.06.2005OpenSourceHPlogical game (game data - 92MB)
Flare 0.16PPC02.08.2012OpenSourceHPgreat diablo like Isometric RPG Game (83 MB)
FloboPuyo 0.20PPC09.10.2008OpenSource Tetris like logical game
Fly 0.3.3PPC01.09.2005OpenSourceHPspace shooter
FodQuake 0.3PPC03.03.2012MorphOSHPFodquake is a further development of the Quakeworld-client Fuhquake which is more portable and runs better on non-i386-processors. You can find the client as well as the list of changes under the title link.
Foobiliard 3.0aPPC07.09.2005OpenSourceHP3D pool
Foosball 0.92PPC16.10.2003OpenSource table football simulator
Formido 1.0PPC14.09.2005OpenSourceHPsimple shooter
Fortis 1.2PPC25.06.2011FreewareHPclassical shooter scheme although presented in new 3D environment
FotoFoto PPC MorphOS photos recognition game (MorphOS SuperBundle)
Foundation 1.2768k Commercial Settlers like strategy game
Foundation Gold 68k Commercial Settlers like strategy game (unstable)
Free Heroes II 0.6.2392PPC02.08.2011OpenSourceHPA free, SDL-based engine for Heroes of Might & Magic II game. The game is a turn-based fantasy wargame released in 1996. Note that while the engine is free, it requires game data from commercial or demo version, none of them is included to the archive
Freeciv 1.2PPC23.03.2003FreewareHPturn-based multiplayer strategy game
Freedroid 1.0.2PPC26.05.2005OpenSourceHPParanoid remake
FTE QW 3343PPC14.02.2008OpenSourceHPFTE QW (Fore Thought Entertainment QuakeWorld) is an engine which supports data from Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Hexen II, and others
Gamma Patrol 1.0PPC17.12.2001Freeware truecolor galaga
GemDropX 0.9PPC22.03.2006OpenSourceHPlogical game
GemZ 0.97.0PPC26.07.2006OpenSourceHPlogical game, Bejeweled clone
Genetic Species 68k23.06.2001Freeware 3D action game (+ patch), 19 archives
Giana s Return 1.10PPC27.12.2014FreewareHPunofficial sequel of The Great Giana Sisters
Giddy3 1.3PPC15.03.2009FreewareHPretro-style scrolling puzzle / platform game
GLAst 1.0.2PPC29.08.2005OpenSource 3D asteroids shooter, GLAst 0.91 MOS
Global Gladiators 1.2PPC FreewareHPGlobal Gladiators remake
GNU Go 3.6PPC11.01.2007OpenSourceHPhra Go, ASCII (but GUI frontends available - GuBoss)
gnufo 0.3.2PPC20.01.2007OpenSourceHPshoot'em up game (galaga like)
GoBoss 0.1aPPC22.01.2007OpenSourceHPSDL frontend for GNU Go
GPL Arcade Volleyball 0.8PPC OpenSourceHPvolleyball
Hangman 0.9.2PPC18.02.2006OpenSource logical game
HangMan 2004 1.0PPC
14.06.2005Freeware logical game
HBMonopoly 2.468k17.04.2000Freeware Monopoly game, online
HellChess PPC
27.06.2004Freeware chess
Heretic II PPC CommercialHP3D action game, (demo - 1, 2, 3 and 4)
HexaMine 1.168k22.10.1996Freeware Mine like game
Hexen 68k Commercial 3D action game
Hexen II GLPPC27.01.2006Commercial 3D action game (opensource + PC game data), GLHexen 2
HighMoon 1.2.3PPC31.01.2006OpenSourceHPArtillery clone in space
Homeworld RC1PPC18.09.2008OpenSource strategy HomeWorld, req. data from PC version
HorrorHouse PPC26.05.2004Freeware arcade game
Hurrican R2PPC04.07.2012OpenSourceHPHurrican is a great openGL remake of well known Turrican 2 Game done
Hus 1.0b68k FreewareHPlogical game, Bantumi clone, nice graphics
HyperCannon 1.1PPC05.06.2010FreewareHPshoot em up, nice graphics, more than 100 levels
ChangeIt 0.7PPC
07.03.2009FreewareHPlogical game, Amiga Bejeveled clone
Chromium 0.9PPC OpenSourceHPshot emp up, nice graphics
I Have No Tomatoes 1.55aPPC18.08.2007OpenSourceHPdestroy as much tomatoes as possible
Idiot Test 1.0PPC04.05.2009Freeware Idiot Test
ImuBox 0.268k11.07.2002FreewareHPtiny 3D meaningless game
Inform 6.21PPC19.01.2003OpenSource Z code compiler for creating adventures that can be played with Frotz and similar tools
InterLOGIC 0.3PPC01.02.2006OpenSource logical game, Amiga Balls clone
Iso-Angband PPC21.08.2006OpenSourceHPAngband with isometric point of view
Klix 2.0PPC
13.06.2011FreewareHPWelcome to my new and old thinking game KLIX. The target of this game is to deposit different stones with the help of a pusher stone in a target template. This version is done with HOLLYWOOD and therefore available for all Operation Systems.
Knight and Merchants DemoPPC08.08.2006CommercialHPSettlers like strategy game
Knoga 0.2PPC04.12.2005Freeware Yahtzee game
KoboDeluxe 0.4pre10PPC27.09.2005OpenSourceHPshoot em up
Komi 1.04PPC26.03.2008OpenSourceHPKomi the Space Frog, 2D arcade game
Koules V1.4 R1.31PPC04.06.2017OpenSourceHPport of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
Krajska mesta PPC22.01.2009FreewareHPonly in czech language, test - regional capitals - Czech Republic (MorphOS, Windows)
Kulce 2.0PPC06.08.2004Freeware nice logical WB game
Kulce 1.168k13.04.2003Freeware nice logical WB game
Lazymines 3.268k19.12.1998OpenSource Mine clone
LBreakout 2 1.0.10PPC19.03.2005OpenSourceHParkanoid
LGeneral 1.2 beta5PPC07.10.2005OpenSource World War 2 strategy game inspired by Panzer General
Lightning Spirit PPC19.02.2006OpenSourceHPvertical shot em up
Lightning Spirit 2 PPC09.11.2009OpenSourceHPvertical shooter (included installer will download game data)
Lightning Volta PPC19.02.2006OpenSourceHPvertical shot em up
LMarbles 1.0.7PPC21.10.2004OpenSourceHPlogical game
LPairs 1.0PPC24.01.2005OpenSourceHPlogical game
LTris 1.0.11PPC18.01.2008OpenSourceHPtetris
Lupengo 1.0.1PPC28.08.2005OpenSourceHPPengo Clone with wolves
MadBomber 0.25PPC03.03.2005FreewareHPcatch bombs before they hit the ground and explode
MadMatrix 1.2PPC18.09.2005OpenSource logical game
MangoQuest 0.6.4PPC01.09.2005OpenSourceHPpacman 3D
Marble Solitarus PPC29.11.2008FreewareHPSolitaire game made by DanLabGames
MathRace 1.0PPC
19.02.2006Freeware mathematical game
Maze of Galious 0.62PPC06.03.2005OpenSourceHPJump'n'Run, remake
MCE 12.2PPC27.09.2020OpenSourceHPMulti-game Character Editor - editing of character files, saved games and high score tables for 68 games
MenoBox 1.0PPC
01.09.2002FreewareHP3D-platformer in OpenGL-window
MenoBox XMas 1.0PPC
03.01.2003FreewareHP3D-platformer in OpenGL-window
MicroWorld 1.068k17.12.2003Freeware logical game
Miliarderzy 1.0PPC
05.03.2005Freeware quiz game
Mindless 0.1.2PPC21.09.2005Freeware Mastermind clone
MineClone 1.2a68k03.11.1994Cardware an excellent minesweeper style game
MirrorMagic 2.0.2PPC24.10.2004OpenSourceHPAmiga Mindbender like logical game
MissDriller 0.5PPC16.02.2008OpenSourceHPdrill you through the level
Mole Invasion 0.3PPC27.09.2006OpenSource simple Jump'n Run game
Moonlander 1.0pre1PPC01.02.2006OpenSource landing on the Moon
Morphtris 1.3PPC14.09.2007MorphOSHPTetris in window
MUIMine 1.2PPC30.08.2004OpenSource mine clone
MultiRacer 1.0.4 beta 7PPC21.12.2014OpenSourceHPautomobilové závody
Mures 0.5PPC19.09.2005OpenSource clone of Sega's Chu Chu Rocket
myKalah PPC
 Freeware derived from a game called Mancala/Kalah that originated in Africa
myTetris PPC Freeware tetris
Napalm 1.168k27.07.2016CommercialHPA real-time strategy game. See also
Net Bubble 0.95PPC03.11.2003Freeware puzzle game
Nether Earth 0.52.2PPC12.01.2006OpenSourceHPZX Spectrum strategy game 3D OpenGL remake
NetPanzer 0.8PPC06.10.2005OpenSourceHPan online multiplayer tactical warfare game
NetToe PPC26.10.2002OpenSource Tic Tac Toe Game playable over network or against AI
Neverball Neverputt PPC OpenSourceHPpart puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill
Nicky Boum 0.2.0PPC13.04.2008OpenSource a classic platformer game
Niflheim - Souls Feast 1.01PPC31.08.2005FreewareHP3D action game, Quake III MOD (total conversion)
Nightlong PPC Commercial adventure game
NJam 1.25PPC16.02.2007FreewareHPpacman clone, multiplayer or duel
Noiz2sa 0.51PPC02.06.2005OpenSourceHPan abstract shot em up
OilWar 1.2.1PPC19.09.2005OpenSource really simple mouse-shooter
OpenArena 1.32bPPC04.01.2008OpenSourceHP3D game, total conversion of Quake III Arena, free available openarena datafiles at HP
OpenBOR v3 build 2859 R4PPC26.10.2010OpenSourceHPOpenBOR v3 engine for MorphOS
OpenRedAlert 407PPC17.09.2008OpenSourceHPCommand & Conquer: Red Alert, binary (req. freeware Red Alert datadiscs)
OpenTTD 0.6.3PPC02.10.2008OpenSourceHPOpen Transport Tycoon Deluxe, strategy fame
OpenTyrian 1.0PPC04.01.2008OpenSourceHPshoot'em up game, reimplementation of Tyrian
Othello PPC26.10.2002Freeware othello
Pachi el marciano 1.0aPPC09.09.2007FreewareHPplatform game inspired by Manic Miner
PairsNG 2.4 Demo68k17.04.2004Shareware logical game
Pathmania PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPWay of the Jelly, maze game
Payback DemoPPC
 CommercialHPGTA 1/2 like game, 3D, (68k version with sound - req. audio.device)
Pegged 68k02.09.1995Freeware logical game
Penguin Command 1.6.9PPC17.09.2005OpenSource Missile command with nice gfx and sound
Pig PPC24.03.2005OpenSource simple pig game
Pingus 0.7.2PPC08.12.2009OpenSource Game similar to Lemmings, but with penguins.
PipePanic 0.1.3PPC23.07.2006OpenSource a pipe connecting game
Pishti 1.168k07.06.2001Freeware popular Turkish card game
PlanetPenguin Racer 0.5PPC OpenSourceHPTux races down steep, snow-covered mountains
PrBoom 2.5.0PPC14.06.2009OpenSourceHPA free Doom/Doom II clone. Full screen or window mode. Bundled with Freedoom IWAD file (
Primate Plunge 1.1aPPC13.07.2007OpenSourceHPsmall platform game
Pushover 0.0.3PPC18.05.2011OpenSourceHPlogic game
Puzzle 68k13.06.1995Freeware simple puzzle game
Puzzle 0.1.1PPC10.03.2007OpenSource puzzle, nice pictures
Q 0.1PPC31.10.2004OpenSource logical game
Quadromania 0.2PPC24.03.2005OpenSource logical game
Quake GL PPC04.10.2005Commercial GLQuake, BlitzQuake and PanoramicQuake (MOS freeware + PC game data), GLQuake
Quake I 2.30PPC05.10.2005Commercial 3D action game (opensource + PC game data)
Quake II PPC17.03.2006Commercial 3D action game (req. PC game data)
Quake III Arena R2PPC15.09.2008Commercial 3D action game (opensource + PC game data)
Quake III Rally PPC21.08.2005Freeware 3D racing game, Quake III MOD
Raw 0.1.0PPC09.05.2004Freeware Another World conversion (req. PC data Out Of The World)
Red Alert - Allied Disc PPC
29.08.2008Freeware datadisk pro OpenRedAlert
Red Alert - Soviet Disc PPC
29.08.2008Freeware datadisc for OpenRedAlert
REminiscence 0.19PPC28.07.2007OpenSourceHPFlashback conversion (req. PC data)
Return To Castle Wolfenstein PPC06.07.2011OpenSourceHPReturn to Castle Wolfenstein, Return to Castle Wolfenstein Special Edition and Platinum Edition
Righteous! 0.6PPC23.07.2006OpenSource Tetris like logical game
Ri-Li 2.0.0PPC13.11.2006OpenSourceHPa snake game
Roadfighter 1.0PPC21.02.2005Freeware car racing, Konami clone
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood DemoPPC13.11.2006CommercialHPstrategy, do not only take on the role of the hero Robin Hood, but also the roles of his faithful vassals and take them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland
Rock! Paper! Scissors! 1.3PPC27.11.2003Freeware game Rock! Paper! Scissors!
RocksNDiamonds Boulder Dash clone
RollerCoaster2000 1.1.0PPC FreewareHPsimulates a Rollercoaster
Roulette 1.168k23.01.1997Freeware roulette game
rRotage 0.23PPC OpenSourceHPshoot em up
Sable 0.4PPC31.01.2006OpenSourceHP3D shooter
Saga: Age of Heroes 1.91PPC06.09.2018OpenSourceHPconversion of the 1981 TSR boardgame
Scalar 1.02PPC11.07.2006OpenSource puzzle game
Scramble 0.9.5PPC27.04.2005OpenSource logical game
SDL Lopan 1.0PPC23.06.2009OpenSourceHPpuzzle game, mahjong
SDL Ludo 0.3PPC30.10.2005OpenSourceHPLudo clone
SDL Zombies 1.0.0PPC18.09.2005OpenSource ZX81 Zombies remake
SDLtetris PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPtetris
Shogo DemoPPC CommercialHP3D action game (demo-update)
Shotgun Debugger 1.0.2PPC21.09.2006OpenSourceHP2D top-down action game, 3D world
Shrapnel PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPSpaceShooter
Shuffle 68k13.11.1996Freeware WB game, sliding blocks
Shuffle 1.23PPC17.06.2015MorphOSHPlogic game, addictive implementation of the famous Sliding Block Puzzle, often also known as 15 Puzzle, award-winning raytracing graphics, cool sound effects (req. Reggae)
Simon The Sorcerer 2 68k Commercial adventure game
SimplePac 1.368k16.10.2000Freeware pacman
Simutrans 110.0.1PPC29.11.2011OpenSourceHPtransportation simulation game
SMC 0.95PPC19.02.2005OpenSource Super Mario Clone
Snake II 68k16.12.1994Freeware WB Game ala Worm, Snake, Orm - but better
Snakee 0.2PPC02.02.2009OpenSourceHPA MUI-based wormgame with including source
Snakes Adders 68k11.07.1995Freeware worm game
Snakes Adders II 68k10.10.1996Freeware snake game
Software Tycoon PPC MorphOS strategy game (MorphOS SuperBundle)
Soko4MUI 1.1PPC13.10.2014Freeware Soko4MUI is inspired by the famous thinking game Sokoban. The game makes use of the MUI library and features modern graphics and sounds. To make solving the levels less difficult, there are options like "Undo", "Redo", "Restart level" and "Jump to level". Caution: The game might not work properly if you have got a screen height of less than 900 pixels. Some of the levels are from D.W. Skinner who allowed their free use by others as long as they are properly credited. Requires the following to libraries: - -
Soliton 2.2PPC16.03.2005OpenSourceHPcard game (Klondike, Freecell)
Solohalma 1.168k22.01.2000Freeware boardgame for one person
Sonic PPC Freeware throwing stones on figures
SoulFu 1.5.2PPC28.12.2007OpenSourceHPSoulFu port, a Rouge-like 3D RPG with manga style graphic
Starfighter 1.1PPC20.02.2009Freeware shot em up
Stargun 0.2PPC24.10.2005Freeware shot em up
Stratagus 2.2.4PPC31.07.2009OpenSourceHPrealtime strategy game, Warcraftu clone (req. data from Warcraft)
Sudoku 1.468k13.04.2006FreewareHPlogical game, sudoku, nice graphics
Sudoku Solver PPC06.04.2008OpenSource Sudoku solver with source
Super Transball 2 1.4PPC28.02.2005OpenSource Thrust clone
SuperTux 0.1.3PPC FreewareHPSuperMario clone
SymbolRechnen 2.0PPC
26.09.2011FreewareHPin the game you need to solve the puzzles by addition, subtractions , multiplications en divisions
Tales of Tamar 0.55R1PPC MorphOSHPonline strategy game
Teeter Torture PPC25.08.2006OpenSourceHPsimple shooting game (similar to "Space Invaders", "Galaga" or "Galaxian"), but with a unique twist
TechnoBallz 0.92PPC29.09.2008OpenSourceHPArkanoid clone
Tennix 0.6.1PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPsimple tennis
The Feeble Files PPC28.06.2001MorphOSHPadventure game (MorphOS SuperBundle)
The Goonies 1.0.1PPC13.02.2008OpenSourceHPAn SDL remake of the classic MSX game
The Legend of Edgar 1.03PPC01.09.2012OpenSourceHP2D platform game with adventure elements
Thunder Slash PPC19.02.2006OpenSourceHPhorizontal shoot them up
TicTacToe 68k21.03.1995Freeware Tic Tac Toe
TicTacToe PPC26.10.2002OpenSource Tic Tac Toe, CLI
Tic-Tac-Toe PPC14.03.2003OpenSourceHPtic tac toe
Tile World 1.3.0PPC31.07.2006OpenSourceHPcollect chips to reach the exit
Torrent 0.8.2PPC18.08.2006OpenSource remove neighbouring tiles with same color
Tower Toppler 1.1.6PPC20.02.2015OpenSourceHPNebulus remake
Trailblazer 0.9PPC21.09.2005OpenSource Commodore and ZX-Spectrum game TrialBlazer remake
Trilero PPC16.08.2003Freeware Trilero Simulator
TriMagic 1.6PPC OpenSource logical game
TriMines 1.3.0PPC23.07.2006OpenSource logical game
True Combat 1.1PPC24.11.2004FreewareHP3D action game, Quake III MOD (total conversion), update 1.2
Tutris 1.0.1PPC30.10.2005Freeware Tetris clone
TuxMath 2005.3.7PPC22.03.2006OpenSourceHPTux, of Math Command: an educational math tutorial game
TuxPuck PPC OpenSourceHPtable tennis
TuxRacer 0.61PPC OpenSourceHPTux races down steep, snow-covered mountains
Twin Distress 1.1.0PPC30.10.2005OpenSourceHPShisen-sho like puzzle game
UFO: Alien Invasion 2.2.1PPC28.02.2010OpenSourceHPstrategic game, UFO: Enemy Unkown style, ufoai-2.2.1-data.tar (372 MB)
UChess 2.89PPC17.09.2005OpenSource chess
Ularn PPC10.03.2005OpenSource Ultra Larn game
Urban Terror 3.7PPC23.08.2005FreewareHP3D action game, Quake III MOD (total conversion)
Vectoroids 1.1PPC16.09.2005FreewareHPAsteroids clone
Video Poker Solitarus PPC29.11.2008FreewareHPVideo Poker made by DanLabGames
VideoPokeri 1.02PPC18.09.2005Freeware poker
Virtual Grand Prix 2 1.06PPC02.11.2005Freeware 3D racing game, req.
VirusKiller 0.9PPC01.11.2004OpenSourceHPnice shoot-em-up
Vodovod PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPpipe game
VoR 0.5.3PPC05.06.2006OpenSourceHPVoR is a quick action game where you drive a space ship and try to avoid crashing into rocks
Voxel Bird PPC FreewareHPVoxel-based casual game, somewhat "inspired" by some well-known Flappy game
Wakkabox 1.1.0PPC20.01.2007OpenSourceHPWakkabox is a block puzzle game
Warzone 2100 2.0.8 RC1PPC19.11.2007OpenSourceHPrealtime war strategy
WBColumns 2.468k24.05.1994Freeware Tetris like WB game
WBSudoku 1.5.068k07.04.2008Freeware sudoku (1.51 was deleted from homepage)
WBTris 1.5468k25.04.1993Cardware a little Tetris clone to play on the workbench
Who becomes Amiga guru? 1.1PPC01.01.2015Freeware In this game the player takes part in the fictitious tv game show "Who becomes Amiga guru?". There he has to prove his knowledge about Amiga, MorphOS and AROS. He gets help by different lifelines. If the player manages to achieve a score of 1,000,000 then he deserves the prestigious (?) title "Amiga guru". But be careful! Do not let the rude presenter insult you!

The game should work with every resolution, it scales automatically. But the best result should bring a full hd resolution (1920x1080).

Version 1.1:
- English translation added (the player can now switch between English and German)
- The game now runs "out of the box", i.e. you can start immediately after extracting the archive: all necessary libraries are included an preinstalled
- Media data is now compressed at a higher degree, so that that the game demands less space and RAM
- 30 new questions added

WipeOut 2097 DemoPPC06.09.1999Commercial 3D futuristic racing game (WipeoutLoader pro MorphOS)
Wolfenstein 3D PPC16.05.2004FreewareHP3D action game
WolfPac 3D 1.4PPC29.05.1998Shareware pacman 3D (shareware, but not limited in any way)
Word Me Up XXL 1.1 DemoPPC11.11.2008CommercialHPcombines an arcade game with strategic thinking and memory skills
WormWars 9.23PPC02.08.2020OpenSourceHPadvanced Tron or Snake-style arcade game for up to 4 simultaneous players
XInvaders3D 1.3.6PPC01.10.2005OpenSource vector graphics Space Invaders clone
XLogical 1.0PPC26.10.2004OpenSourceHPLogical clone, 99 levels
X-Moto 0.5PPC26.02.2009OpenSourceHPa challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics plays an all important role in the gameplay. You need to control your bike to its limits, if you want to have a chance to finish the most difficult challenges
X-Pired 1.22PPC12.09.2006OpenSourceHPaction puzzler: Find the exit!
XRick PPC24.01.2005OpenSourceHPRick Dangerous clone
XWellTris 1.0.1PPC20.01.2007OpenSourceHP3D tetris
XWins 1.5268k05.02.1998Freeware 4Wins like WB game
Yamagi Quake II 4.90 (2012-12-07)PPC07.12.2012OpenSourceHPnative port of Yamagi Quake II, a lot of stuff has been rewritten, so it's more like a fork
194X 0.7bPPC FreewareHPshot em up
2 Pairs 2 Furious 2.068k21.02.2004Freeware logical game
2H4U 1.3PPC17.01.2008OpenSourceHP2H4U (Too Hard For You) is a mix between Tetris and a Wall Breaker game
4Wins 68k26.04.1992Freeware WB game - connect4 clone
521 68k13.08.1996Giftware friendly adaption of an ancient c64 game
54321 PPC22.02.2008OpenSourceHPfive classic puzzle games

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