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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
BackMan 2.0PPC23.03.2004OpenSourceHPthe backup system
BZip2 1.0.5PPC17.02.2009OpenSourceHPbzip2 data compressor
cabextract 1.2PPC23.12.2007OpenSourceHPA program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files (.CAB)
Diavolo Backup 200068k13.12.1999Shareware backup program
Diavolo Backup 3.8 Pro68k01.05.1997Shareware backup program
Diavolo Backup 2007 Edition PPC06.01.2008FreewareHPbackup program
dicpng 1.1PPC06.03.2012OpenSource dicpng (Data Image Compress) - the compression-ratio is nearly that of LHA, depends on data. Seems to have nice ratios on binaries but bad on text-files
EEC 1.31PPC12.10.2007FreewareHPEEC (ELF Executable Cruncher)
Hunpack 0.1PPC06.08.2006OpenSource .HPA files unarchiver
LhA 2.7.10PPC01.01.2011MorphOSHPLhA file archiver, update for MorphOS 2.7 with Y2011 fix (save to MOSSYS:C/)
LzxRepacker 1.83PPC05.10.2003OpenSource repack LZX, LHA, ARJ, ZIP, RAR, HA, TAR, TGZ, SHR, ZOO to LZX. corrupt checking and other functions
Peperoni 1.5e68k11.05.1998Freeware AppIcon frontend for LHA/LZX/ZIP
PkCrack 1.2.2PPC09.08.2005Freeware decrypts password protected ZIP archives
p7zip 4.65PPC19.04.2009OpenSource 7-zip incl. script for MorphOS Ambient
RLEpack 1.3PPC02.04.2008OpenSourceHPde- / crunches with RLE any kind of binary data
szip 1.12bPPC02.04.2007OpenSourceHPSZIP compression
TAR 1.20PPC18.04.2008OpenSource GNU tar archiver
ungzip 1.2.4PPC OpenSourceHPungzip for MorphOS 1.4.x
UnLZX 2.16PPC15.08.2004OpenSource LZX dearchiver
29.12.2008OpenSourceHPRAR dearchiver
Voodoo-X 1.568k02.07.2001Giftware Archive Management Tool, GUI
Voodoo-X 2.0 betaPPC10.01.2004OpenSource Archive Management Tool, GUI
xadmaster 12.1a68k07.12.2003Freeware powerful unarchiving tool xadmaster key
X-Arc 1.3 Demo68k04.02.1999Shareware Archive Management Tool, GUI
xdms 1.3.2PPC27.06.2006Freeware DMS disk image extractor
XPK Master 5.2PPC20.07.2007OpenSourceHPXpkMaster library for MorphOS, req. XPK master user files
XPK User 5.2a68k11.12.2000FreewareHPcompression package
xpkBZP2 1.7PPC
05.03.2005Freeware bzip2 xpk compression library
yyDecode 0.2.10PPC22.07.2007Freeware decode yEnc encoded file
Zip PPC17.12.2001Freeware ZIP archiver and dearchiver
7zip 4.42PPC30.07.2006FreewareHP7zip data compressor
7zUI 0.168k13.09.2006FreewareHPGraphical interface for 7-Zip archives

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