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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
AmiArcadia 26.8PPC22.09.2020OpenSourceHPSignetics-based machines emulator
ASp 0.89b68k23.07.2007FreewareHPSinclair ZX Spectrum emulator
Atari800 2.0.3PPC22.07.2007OpenSourceHPAtari 800/800XL/130XE/5200 emulator
Basilisk II 1.1PPC31.07.2007OpenSourceHP68k Macintosh Emulator for MorphOS
Bochs 2.3.6PPC31.12.2007OpenSourceHPBochs is an open source x86 emulator
Bochs 2.6 MorphOS Ver. 1PPC07.04.2013OpenSourceHPBochs is an open source x86 emulator
Bochs GUI 0.1bPPC05.02.2006Freeware x86 emulator Bochs GUI
DGen 1.23PPC21.08.2002Freeware Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator
DOSBox 0.74-1PPC21.05.2010OpenSourceHPMS DOS emulator (Settlers II on MorphOS! :)
E-UAE 1.0.0-JITPPC08.01.2015OpenSourceHPUbiquitous Amiga Emulator
Fbzx 1.5PPC20.04.2005OpenSourceHPSinclair Spectrum emulator (slow)
FCE Ultra 0.98.10PPC13.12.2006OpenSourceHPNintendo NES and Famicom emulator
FCEU - MorphOS 1.6PPC10.02.2015OpenSourceHPemulates the classic Nintendo NES/Famicom game console
FPSE 0.10.3PPC05.02.2012FreewareHPFPSE (Free PlayStation Emulator) is a Sony PlayStation emulator
FPSE GUI 0.1PPC29.03.2005Freeware PlayStation emulator FPSE GUI
FreeSCI 0.3.4cPPC31.01.2006OpenSourceHPinterpreter for Sierra On-line games
Frodo 4.2PPC17.04.2006OpenSourceHPCommodore 64 emulator
Frotz 2.43PPC21.08.2006Freeware Infocom Z-Code game interpreter
Fuse 0.10.0PPC14.12.2008OpenSourceHPZX Spectrum emulator
GBE 0.4.8bPPC23.04.2006OpenSourceHPGameboy and Gameboy Color emulator
GenesisPlus 1.4PPC05.07.2008OpenSourceHPSega Megadrive/Genesis emulator
GnGEO 0.7PPC26.11.2007OpenSourceHPneogeo emulátor, this emulator is partially based on an older MAME neogeo core, and uses 'generator' 68k cpu core. It also has many less abstraction layers than MAME and thus should achieve a rather good performance on G3 and maybe even on Efika, which is the main motivation for this port.
GNUBoy 1.03PPC03.08.2002OpenSourceHPGameboy Color emulator
Handy++ 0.95bPPC29.04.2007OpenSourceHPAtari Lynx emulator
Hatari 0.95PPC09.06.2006OpenSourceHPAtari ST emulator
Hu-Go! 1.3PPC11.07.2008OpenSourceHPTurbografx16 / PC Engine emulator
Infones 0.97j RC1PPC23.09.2007OpenSourceHPNES emulator
jzIntv 1.0-beta4PPC05.02.2014OpenSourceHPIntellivision Emulator with SDK
Level9 2.0PPC OpenSourceHPLevel9 adventures interpreter
Little John NG 0.1.1PPC22.09.2002OpenSourceHPNintendo NES/SNES emulator
Magnetic 2.1PPC Freeware Magnetic Scroll games interpreter
MAME 0.148PPC02.03.2013OpenSourceHPMultiple Arcade Machine Emulator
MESS 0.113PPC01.11.2007OpenSourceHPMultiple Emulator Super System, emulating all sorts of consoles/computers, see to see the impressive list
Nofrendo 2.0pre1PPC21.08.2002OpenSource Nintendo NES emulator
OS4Emu 2.0PPC13.07.2008FreewareHPOS4 API emulator
PC Task 468k Commercial IBM PC emulator
rhLaunch 0.8PPC21.06.2014OpenSource E-UAE GUI
RunDOS 1.2.5PPC
22.02.2006Freeware run MS-DOS soft by clicking on the icon
ScummVM 1.5.0PPC05.08.2012OpenSourceHPadventure game engine, LucasArts (Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, etc.)
SDDapple 0.14PPC06.10.2005OpenSource Apple II emulator
SimCoupe 1.0PPC03.09.2007OpenSourceHPSAM Coupe emulator - British Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology
SMSPlus 1.3PPC19.08.2006OpenSourceHPSegaMasterSystem and GameGear emulator
SNES 9x 1.43PPC28.08.2004OpenSourceHPNintendo SNES emulator
SNES 9x Starter 2.3PPC05.11.2004FreewareHPSNES 9x emulator GUI
Stella 1.2PPC11.08.2002OpenSourceHPAtari 2600 VCS emulator
STonAmiga 1.0PPC13.01.2004OpenSource Atari ST emulator, port StonX
TGEmu 1.4PPC26.08.2004OpenSourceHPTurboGraphX-16 and PC-Engine emulator
Trance 50.12PPC21.12.2006FreewareHPA new version of the Just-In-Time compiler for MorphOS 1.4.x. Fixes various smaller bugs, especially some which affected IBrowse.
UAE 0.8.22PPC03.07.2003OpenSourceHPUbiquitous Amiga Emulator
UAE4ALL 2009-05-16PPC16.05.2009OpenSourceHPAmiga 500 emulator, faster than E-UAE (good for EFIKA 5200B)
uBee512 V5.6.0 R1.0PPC01.03.2015OpenSourceHPemulates the Microbee range of computers (1982-1987) from Applied Technology
VICE 2.4PPC15.11.2012OpenSourceHPVersatile Commodore Emulator (C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and CBM-II)
VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2PPC02.05.2005OpenSourceHPGameboy, Gameboy Color and GBA emulator

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