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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
Alladin 4D 68k CommercialHPraytracing program
AmiCamedia 68k CommercialHPtransfer pictures from a digital camera
AmithlonTV Beta 34968k23.10.2003Freeware special driver packet that allow to use TV cards with Amiga like systems
Anim2Gif 68k24.05.2004Cardware Converts/scale Amiga anim to a gif anim
ArtEffect 4.0 DemoPPC23.08.2000CommercialHPgraphics program
Autotrace 0.31.1PPC11.09.2004OpenSource Converts bitmap to vector graphics
Blender 2.62.172PPC25.02.2012OpenSourceHP3D modeler, raytracing, video editor
Candy Factory Pro 1.02PPC
24.11.1998Commercial graphic program: create your logo, title or other graphical stuff within seconds
CanonToolBox 1.3PPC01.03.2012OpenSourceHPtool to play with digicams from Canon via USB/PTP
Cinema 4D 68k Commercial raytracing program
CyberGrab 68k Freeware screen grabber with GUI
Dcraw 8.70PPC08.06.2007Freeware decoding RAW digital photos
Deluxe Paint 5.268k11.10.1994CommercialHPbitmap graphics editor
Draw Studio 2.0 demo68k CommercialHPdrawing and illustration program
DR2IFF 1.0PPC08.03.2009Freeware convert Amstrad CPC DR file to IFF-ILBM
dt2raw 1.3PPC28.06.2015FreewareHPconverts pictures to RAW dataformats (32bit ARGB, 24bit RGB, ...)
DVD-Engine 0.3PPC11.01.2009Freeware creating of video-DVD and picture DVD
Elastic Dreams PPC
19.02.1998Commercial picture warping and morphing
Fantastic Dreams PPC
 Commercial picture warping and morphing
ffmpeg SVN-r1860268k18.04.2009OpenSourceHPFFmpeg audio/video converter
FFMpeg 0.4.9 pre1PPC04.03.2007FreewareHPfast video and audio encoder
FFMpeg 0.4.9-CVS170705PPC
17.07.2005OpenSourceHPFast video and audio encoder
fxPaint 2.02 LitePPC
 MorphOS bitmap graphics editor (MorphOS SuperBundle)
fxScan 4 LitePPC
 MorphOS scanning software (MorphOS SuperBundle)
GB3 3.1.500PPC12.02.2012OpenSource Gribouillis, highly portable painting program by Yomgui
GfxCon 1.8c68k07.08.1997Freeware image format converter
GIF Toolkit 1.5.368k09.01.1997Shareware convert pictures to GIF, GIF-anim
Glow32 1.1PPC21.02.2007FreewareHPcreate 32bit glowicons
gnuplot 5.2.2PPC23.02.2018OpenSourceHPinteractive function and data plotting
GrafX2 2.3PPC30.06.2011OpenSourceHPbitmap paint program
HollyRec PPC
25.01.2004Freeware converts "Hollywood" presentations into MPEG etc.
Hollywood 6 EpiphanyPPC
22.02.2015CommercialHPHollywood is the Cross-Platform Multimedia Application Layer. That means that it offers a powerful 64-bit script language together with advanced functions that allow you to create your own multimedia applications, ranging from a simple slideshow to a complex game
Hollywood Designer 4.0PPC
17.06.2012CommercialHPhigh-end presentation software
ico2bmp PPC06.04.2008OpenSource extracts BMP files from ICO files
Image Studio 2.3.068k21.11.1995Shareware Image processing program (a 2nd part LHA)
ImageFx 4.5PPC
29.08.2001CommercialHPgraphics editor
ImageFx LitePPC
15.09.2003MorphOSHPbitmap graphics editor (MorphOS SuperBundle)
ImageMagick 6.2.3PPC04.10.2005OpenSourceHPconvert, compose and edit images
Imagine 68k Commercial rayracing program
imconv PPC25.03.2008OpenSource console image converter (tga2jpg, jpg2tga, png2tga, png2jpg, dds2tga, dds2jpg)
JHead 2.96PPC22.06.2012OpenSourceHPmanipulate non-image parts of Exif JPEGs
Kray 1.4PPC15.03.2004FreewareHPraytracing program
ldview 0.8PPC28.04.2005FreewareHPldraw model viewer
Lightwave 3D 5.20a68k11.11.1996Commercial raytracing program and 3D modeler
Lunapaint 0.3.2PPC13.03.2007OpenSourceHPpaint and animation program
Lwpa PPC25.02.2002Freeware Ligtwave Particle Animator
Magical Ink 1.0 beta 2PPC29.04.2011Freeware Vector paint application for MorphOS 2.5. The software can import OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Word (97), SVG documents as well as common text and bitmap graphics files. Currently, it can also export to the PDF, SVG, PNG and EPS file formats.
Magical Ink - Update 0.5.2PPC05.09.2010Freeware Update of vector paint application for MorphOS 2.5. The software can import OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Word (97), SVG documents as well as common text and bitmap graphics files. Currently, it can also export to the PDF, SVG, PNG and EPS file formats.
MainActor Broadcast 68k Commercial graphics convertor, ANIM creator
Make Human 0.9.0PPC07.11.2006OpenSourceHPmodeling of three-dimensional humanoid characters, data 45MB (link didn't work)
Maxon Cinema 4D 68k Commercial raytracing program
MenGUI PPC09.11.2003FreewareHPMencoder GUI
MenuMaker PPC
27.09.2003Freeware menugenerator and Editor for VideoCD Menus
MOS-Creator 0.6PPC13.04.2009Freeware vector graphic program
Mpeg2Enc+ 1.4PPC22.10.1999FreewareHPencoder MPEG 1/2
mpeg2vidcodec 1.2PPC27.07.2005Freeware MPEG-2 encoder / decoder
Mpgtx 1.3.1PPC06.08.2005FreewareHPcommand line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox
Odi 0.5PPC20.02.2009Freeware vector graphics server
OptiPNG 0.7.5PPC13.04.2014OpenSourceHPPNG lossless optimizer (reduces filesize)
otrMUI 1.1PPC14.03.2008FreewareHPotrdecoder, online TV recorder (
Perfect Paint WIP68k16.08.2008Freeware bitmap graphics editor, update 7.9.2008
Personal Paint 768k Commercial bitmap graphics editor
Photofolio 268k Commercial catalogue, view, or store images
Photogenics 568k Commercial graphics editor, effects
Photogenics 468k Commercial graphics editor, effects
PIP 0.1 betaPPC11.10.2004FreewareHPPicture In Picture, program to watch screens within screens, can also record sequences of pictures and create a MPEG movie using FFMPEG
Pixel32 PPC CommercialHPPaint Shop Pro like graphics editor
pngcrush 1.6.15PPC06.03.2009OpenSource PNG optimizer
PNGNQ 0.4.1PPC20.06.2006OpenSourceHPa tool for quantizing PNG images (pngnq, pngcomp)
png2ico PPC16.10.2004OpenSourceHPconverts PNG files to Windows icon resource files
png2linuxlogo 1.02PPC19.10.2004OpenSourceHPpng2linuxlogo takes an 80x80 color-mapped (palette-based) PNG of 223 or fewer colors and converts it to a header file suitable for inclusion in the Linux kernel as the full-color boot logo
Potrace 1.9PPC30.01.2011OpenSourceHPtransform bitmaps into vector SVG graphics
Povray 3.6.1PPC21.11.2005OpenSourceHPPersistence of Vision Raytracer, raytracing program
ppmtovic 1.1PPC22.04.2009FreewareHPconversion utilities between PPM and VIC20 formats (ppmtovic, victoppm)
PtpDigCam 2.2PPC09.04.2007FreewareHPconnect a PTP digital camera
Real3D 3.568k FreewareHPmodelling and animation package
SGrab 1.22PPC
29.10.2002GiftwareHPScreen grabber with GUI
SimpleCam 2.6PPC06.03.2012OpenSource digital-Camera Software
Sketch 1.0PPC30.06.2008MorphOSHPimage painting application
SnapIT 1.3PPC27.01.2014FreewareHPscreen grabber with GUI
sonix 0.30PPC29.06.2011Freeware display/grab pictures from webcams sonix
Stone Beach 1.1PPC
09.11.2008FreewareHPa slide show created with Hollywood
StreamDraw 2.2PPC01.01.2013FreewareHPvector graphics editor
SVGTools 1.04PPC16.03.2006OpenSource convert SVG to PDF, PS or PNG
SView5 2.7068k07.04.2009FreewareHPImage Viewing/Processing Package (since 2.63 - MorphOS Support removed, no more .elf modules included)
Teksurator 0.85PPC28.11.2004FreewareHPprogram to texture and convert 3d object
Thumb 7.253PPC27.12.2006FreewareHPshows all pictures in a directory as thumbnails, double click on a thumbnail will start a utility (e.g. PicShow)
tiff2png 0.91PPC19.10.2004OpenSourceHPconverts images from TIFF to PNG format
Titler PPC28.12.2005FreewareHPcreate 3D titles with TTF and LWobj support
Titler 2.0PPC21.01.2010FreewareHPpowerful animation creator
TVPaint 3.5968k FreewareHPbitmap graphics editor
VCDGear 1.76PPC13.12.2006Freeware convert/extract/repair MPEG video + VCD
VHI Studio 6.01 LitePPC08.07.2003MorphOSHPsoftware for basically all devices that can capture images
Visionary 0.24PPC16.09.2006FreewareHPTV application for analog TV-cards, req. Visionary SkinsTV
Visonary - SkinsTV PPC26.07.2001FreewareHPskins for Visionary
vobTools 1.5PPC17.10.2004OpenSourceHPvobTools contains programs (vobinfo and videobits) which can manipulate MPEG2 VOB files, such as those found on a DVD
WF7 Mpeg PPC02.04.2005FreewareHPMPEG Saver and Loader for Wildfire 7, optimized for MorphOS
Whirlgif 3.04PPC04.04.2005Freeware generates GIF animations
WildFire 7PPC Commercial image-processing-program, professional animation-processor with some really new concepts
World Construction Set 1.2668k13.07.1995Commercial terrain renderer
World Construction Set 2.0468k Commercial terrain renderer
XiPaint 468k02.04.1996Freeware bitmap graphics editor
Yafray PPC01.08.2006OpenSource Yet Another Free Raytracer, raytracing program (download PMI MorphUP only)
ZoneXplorer 1.2PPC
15.11.2003Freeware modular, true color fractal explorer
3Dto3D 3.1PPC29.05.2001Freeware convert between 3D formats
4p 0.09PPC05.11.2004Freeware bitmap graphics editor, DeluxePaint clone

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