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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
aahr 1.0PPC25.06.2008Freeware AHX and HVL ripper
aften 0.0.8PPC22.01.2009OpenSourceHPA/52 (AC3) audio encoder
AHXPlay 7.2PPC30.12.2005Freeware AHX player library for AminetRadio
aifc2wav 5PPC22.07.2007FreewareHPconvert IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV
AmigaAMP 2.22PPC
30.07.2009FreewareHPmusic player (MP3), WinAMP clone, PowerPC decoder: AmigaAMP-Decoder-WUP, AmigaAMP-Decoder-PUP
AminetRadio 4.1PPC
09.10.2005FreewareHPmusic player (MP3, shoutcast streams, ...)
AmiScrobbler 0.0.2aPPC11.04.2004Freeware Audioscrobbler plugin for AmigaAMP
amrenc 6.1.0PPC18.01.2008OpenSource 3GPP AMR encoder for Nokia phones
AmTagEd 1.7568k26.06.1999Cardware MPEG audio ID3 tag editor
Audio Evolution 4 4.0.23PPC FreewareHPAffordable and easy multitrack audio recording software
Audithec 1.0.368k03.08.2006Freeware MUI AudioCD Database
Boxeux PPC04.07.2006FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)
CD Player 2.1PPC17.01.2006FreewareHPCD Player, CDDA Ripper, Eject, BlankCD, CDSpeed tool
CodeAudio 3.0168k02.08.2009FreewareHPGUI 4 Lame,Ogg,Flac,Faad and many other audio tools (replaces TheMPegEncGUI)
DBProHelper PPC12.03.2007FreewareHPInstallHelper 1.0, DigiBoosterLoader 1.1 - programs that allow DigiBoosterPro to be installed and run under MorphOS Pegasos/EFIKA. InstallHelper and DigiBoosterLoader help make DigiBoosterPro work better under MorphOS, in particular with other than Amiga hardware. These programs remove the custom hardware poking, and fix some other bugs making the programs more stable.
DeliTracker 2.3268k07.08.2000Freeware player for all popular sound program modules available on the Amiga, supports over 150 different module formats
DeliTracker 2.34 Update68k06.01.2002FreewareHPminor DeliTracker 2.32 update
Deli14BitGenie 4.3068k20.02.2000FreewareHPHQ Mixer (DSP, Pan, Filters), supports AHI/Toccata
DigiBooster 3.1 DemoPPC25.09.2014CommercialHPmusic tracker
DigiBooster 3.1PPC25.09.2014CommercialHPmusic tracker
DigiFilter 2.3PPC10.07.2006FreewareHPdesign digital finite impulse response filters
DigiRoller 1.2PPC10.05.2012FreewareHPtool for playing and rendering DBM modules. It uses modern DigiBooster 3 player engine and features user-frienfly MUI user interface
euph0ria 1.4PPC31.12.2007FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio) (screenshot)
FAAC 1.24+PPC04.03.2007OpenSourceHPFreeware Advance Audio Coder
FLAC 1.1.4PPC15.02.2007OpenSource Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLAC PPC20.12.2008FreewareHPFLAC player for AmiNetRadio and MorphOS 2.1
Flite 1.2PPC04.10.2005FreewareHPspeech synthesis engine
G-Force PPC28.07.2004FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)
GoatNinja 1.11PPC09.02.2008OpenSource Convert Goat Tracker 1 to Ninja Tracker
GoatTracker 2.72PPC26.07.2011FreewareHPC64 music editor
Goom PPC07.02.2003FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)
Hivelyplay 1.3PPC30.11.2007OpenSourceHPHively player library + AmiNetRadio plugin
HivelyTracker 1.6 MorphOSPPC13.11.2008OpenSourceHPAHX based multichannel chiptune tracker
hvl2wav 1.0PPC06.04.2008OpenSourceHPconverts AHX and HVL (hivelytracker) mods to WAV
id3ren PPC26.10.2002Freeware ID3 tag editor
Kaya 1.5.1PPC MorphOS music player (OGG Vorbis and MP3)
Kaya Skins PPC14.09.2003Freeware 4 skins for Kaya player
Lame 3.98.4PPC23.05.2010OpenSourceHPencoder MP3
Malint 0.2PPC22.06.2005Freeware MPEG Audio stream validator
mdpcontrol 0.3PPC09.03.2008FreewareHPa very basic client for the Music Player Daemon
Miaou 0.1beta2PPC02.05.2005FreewareHPaudio input recorder
MilkyTracker 0.90.80PPC27.04.2008OpenSourceHPAn XM/MOD tracker
Montex PPC04.07.2006FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)
mp3ai PPC26.10.2004FreewareHPdisplays information and total playtime of MP3 files given as arguments, it also shows ID3v1.1 info and tries to be broken-MP3-resistant
Multisample 68k23.08.1994Cardware Amiga/ST/PC sound sample convertor
Ncoder PPC Freeware MP3 encoder/decoder
nokiatagger PPC18.01.2008OpenSource a tool to tag mp4 files for Nokia phones
Normalize 0.7.7PPC17.02.2009FreewareHPadjust Volume of audio files
Nowhere 1.0PPC02.05.2005FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (Kaya, AmiNetRadio)
PlayOGG 14050868k08.05.2014FreewareHPmulti format sound player
ProPlayer 1.3PPC16.01.2004Freeware MOD player
ProStationAudio PPC MorphOSHPmusic editor (MorphOS SuperBundle)
PTPlayLibrary 2.5PPC25.01.2006OpenSourceHPProTracker player library
Ripper 2.51PPC13.06.2004FreewareHPMUI CDDA ripper support for many audio formats
Samplemanager 2.068k23.05.2008FreewareHPAHI sample-editor (AIFF, WAV, MAUD, 8SVX, CDDA, RAW, MP1/2/3), realtime effects
scm2wav 0.1PPC26.10.2004OpenSourceHPscm2wav extracts sound files from an ICQ sound scheme file
SchismTracker 0.2aPPC07.06.2005OpenSourceHPTracker for XM, S3M, MOD and IT Modules
SID4Amiga 3.32PPC08.01.2001Freeware plays C64 Sid Music Files
SongPlayer 1.62PPC27.02.2004FreewareHPmusic player (MP3...)
SoundMon 3.0PPC21.05.2005OpenSource music player
SoX 12.17.4PPC18.04.2004OpenSourceHPSound eXchange, sound format converter, play, effects
SoX 14.2.0PPC19.06.2009OpenSourceHPSound eXchange, sound format converter, play, effects
SoX 13.0.068k15.02.2007OpenSourceHPSound eXchange, sound format converter, play, effects
SoX 14.3.168k27.05.2010OpenSourceHPSound eXchange, sound format converter, play, effects
Spectronix PPC15.07.2006FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)
SwitchPegMic 0.1PPC08.01.2006FreewareHPswitch between internal and external mic input
TheMPegEncGUI 2.6568k30.11.2007FreewareHPGUI for various MP3 encoders (MusicIn, Pegase, Ncode, Lame, BladeEnc, OggEnc, MP3Enc) - new version, see CodeAudio 3
TKPlayer 1.568k10.10.2005Freeware AHI player supporting lots of formats (MP3, AIFF, WAV, MAUD, 8SVX, CDDA, RAW)
UADE 1.03PPC27.07.2005FreewareHPplays mods of all kinds
Vorbis Tools 1.2.0PPC09.07.2009OpenSourceHPplay, encode and manage Ogg Vorbis files
Zormanita 1.1PPC23.09.2012OpenSourceHPaudio format converter and audio processor, handles all audio formats supported by Reggae, also uses DSP modules provided by Reggae
3dEner PPC04.07.2006FreewareHPplugin for players with AmigaAMP plugin interface (AmiNetRadio)

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