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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
ALI 2.2PPC06.03.2012OpenSource AmIRC Log Inspector
AMarquee 54.068k04.05.2002Freeware V54.0 TCP Data Broadcast System (library and server)
AmFTP 1.9168k18.09.2000Shareware ftp/Archie/ADT/ADT-Find Client, uses MUI
AmiDiction 3.468k28.08.2006FreewareHPonline dictionary
AmiGG 0.43.114PPC07.05.2006FreewareHPInstant Messenger Application, Gadu-Gadu protocol, 2009: replaced with new project BrainWasher (more IM protocols)
AMIGIFT 2.168k07.05.2010OpenSourceHPpeer-to-peer filesharing application which connect to several networks at once by using plug-ins, it includes a full-featured Graphical User Interface, made using MUI
AmiPodder 1.768k16.09.2007FreewareHPsubscribing and listening to podcasts
AmIRC 3.6.2 MorphOSPPC24.12.2015FreewareHPIRC client
AmiSSL 3.668k25.02.2006OpenSourceHPAmiSSL is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It is a library that makes it possible for Amiga programmers to write programs that use SSL (for example, web browser authors would use it to add support for HTTPS protocol).
AmiSSL 2.268k01.11.2005OpenSourceHPAmiSSL is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It is a library that makes it possible for Amiga programmers to write programs that use SSL (for example, web browser authors would use it to add support for HTTPS protocol).
AmiSSL 1.168k21.07.2001OpenSourceHPAmiSSL is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It is a library that makes it possible for Amiga programmers to write programs that use SSL (for example, web browser authors would use it to add support for HTTPS protocol).
AmiTradeCenter 1.468k02.11.2003FreewareHPpowerful FTP-Client with ADT support, MUI
AmRSS 5.57 MUI4PPC30.01.2008FreewareHPRSS client
AmRSS 5.57 MUI4LightPPC30.01.2008FreewareHPRSS client
AmTelnet 2.268k22.11.1999Freeware GUI telnet client
Anubis 2.0.0PPC09.05.2002Freeware anonymous EMail Sender
Apache 1.3.41PPC03.03.2009OpenSourceHPHTTP server
Apache PHP 1.3.41PPC03.03.2009OpenSourceHPHTTP server with PHP 4.4.9
asp2php 0.77.3PPC13.01.2007OpenSource ASP to PHP converter
AWeb 3.5.11PPC12.03.2014OpenSource web browser, supports JavaScript, SSL, frames, ...
AWeb MAX 3.5.07bPPC15.12.2005OpenSourceHPweb browser, MAX snapshots differ from the official Aweb releases by being easier to install and coming with a convient default configuration
BeeHive 0.2PPC04.03.2007Freeware BitTorrent klient, MUI GUI
Bftpd 1.9PPC02.06.2007OpenSource Bftpd program is a small, easy-to-configure FTP server.
BitTorrent 4.3.6PPC26.01.2006FreewareHPcommandline based BitTorrent client
Bourriquet Emule client
climm 0.6.3PPC07.09.2008OpenSourceHPvery portable text-mode ICQ clone
Clipo 0.1 beta68k29.01.2009Freeware TCP/IP clipboard exchange
CManager 34.3PPC03.02.2006Shareware centralised system-wide address book
CTorrent 1.4.5PPC20.11.2006FreewareHPsimple torrent client
CURL 7.28.1PPC03.02.2013OpenSourceHPport of curl 7.16.0 with SSL-support
enqueueTorrent 1.6PPC
03.02.2008OpenSourceHPadd torrents to MLdonkey download queue
Epic 4 2.2PPC02.02.2006Freeware programmable, console based IRC client
fisg 0.2.0PPC18.10.2004OpenSourceHPFast IRC Stats Generator (FISG) creates HTML pages with statistics about IRC logs
Flashless 0.1513.11.2009OpenSource Watch and download media content without Flash
FreeDB 13.8PPC18.01.2008OpenSourceHPdatabase to look up CD information using the internet
FTPMount 1.4PPC02.05.2005Freeware MorphOS native handler for FTPMount
Gallerius 2.30PPC12.10.2008FreewareHPeasy HTML galery generator
gelbesPanel 6.168k05.09.2003FreewareHPversatile control panel for MiamiDx
Genesis 1.0.468k08.02.1999SharewareHPTCP/IP stack
getvideo 0.2903.03.2011OpenSource get FLV files from YouTube and many more
gruftistats 0.2.4PPC20.09.2004OpenSourceHPprogram to read IRC logs and produce an HTML page of statistics and amusing facts about an IRC channel
GummiSurf 1.3PPC02.02.2009FreewareHPthe downloader manager companion (Charon, IBrowse, Sputnik, Voyager and AWeb)
HTTP Resume 1.968k17.12.2000Freeware download files via HTTP, resume interrupted HTTP downloads
httplog 2.1PPC18.10.2006OpenSourceHPhttplog is a replacement for rotatelogs (Apache) chronolog (Andrew Ford)
Charon 1.9868k07.01.2002FreewareHPdownload manager, can continue aborted download
IBrowse 2.4 Demo68k22.12.2006CommercialHPweb browser, HMTL4, SSL, JavaScript, frames... support, tabbed browsing
IBrowse Flash Plugin 1.14PPC19.01.2007FreewareHPflash plugin for IBrowse 2.4
JabberWocky 1.7PPC04.06.2007FreewareHPJabber client - AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
JabberWocky 1.9b1PPC28.03.2010FreewareHPJabber client - AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
Lola 1.2PPC03.02.2006FreewareHPquick EMailer commodity
Lynx 2.8.7PPC04.08.2007OpenSourceHPtext-only browser
MetalWeb 4.0168k22.04.2000SharewareHPMetalWeb is the first WYSIWYG HTML editor for AmigaOS. The philsophy behind the software is that you should not need to understand HTML in order to create pages within MetalWEB. You can create web pages via a DTP style editor or the 'old way' via a tabbed, coloured, text based source window. Indeed, like the award-winning Dreamweaver? you can open both the edit and source window, work within one of the windows, whilst the other window updates, automagically!
MetalWebMI.lha 168k10.03.2002FreewareHPGlowIcons Toolbar for MetalWeb
Miami 3.0a68k06.03.1998Shareware TCP/IP stack, GUI
Miami Deluxe 1.0c68k10.04.2000Shareware TCP/IP stack, GUI
MiamiSmbPw 68k Freeware tool to use Miami/Samba with encrypted passwords
mICQ 0.5.3PPC18.05.2007OpenSource text-mode ICQ
MLDonkey 3.1.0PPC04.12.2011OpenSourceHPmulti-platform, multi-networks peer-to-peer client: eDonkey, Overnet, Bittorrent, Gnutella (Bearshare, Limewire, ...), Gnutella2 (Shareaza), Fasttrack (Kazaa, Imesh, Grobster), Soulseek, Direct-Connect and Opennap
MomosIRC 2.3PPC27.12.2014FreewareHPIRC client
MorphVNC 1.4PPC26.08.2005FreewareHPVNC client
MOSNet 1.2PPC11.06.2006OpenSource TCP/IP protocol stack with dhcp support (formerly ezTCP), MorphOS 1.x
MySQL 4.1.0PPC OpenSourceHPSQL server
NcFTP 3.2.2PPC17.02.2009FreewareHPshell FTP client
NetSurf 2.0 Dev SVN 6141PPC18.01.2009OpenSourceHPCSS capable web browser
NetTools 1.0PPC19.02.2005Freeware networking TraceRoute/Ping/Resolve tools
NewsCoaster 1.64p1 MOSPPC11.01.2011OpenSourceHPMUI-based newsreader, for both online and offline reading
NTPSync 2.3PPC03.02.2006Freeware synchronizes your system clock via NTP
nzbDirect 1.0PPC28.05.2005Freeware GUI for web-based nzb search-engines and plugin for BullDog
nzbGet 1.00PPC04.09.2007Freeware NNTP NZB-Client, download nzb-files from usenet via shell
Odyssey Web Browser 1.24PPC15.04.2014OpenSourceHPOWB, the best browser for MorphOS with HTML5 media support, based on Origyn Web Browser (core WebKit)
Odyssey Web Browser 1.19 No SVGPPC06.02.2013OpenSourceHPOWB, the best browser for MorphOS with HTML5 media support, based on Origyn Web Browser (core WebKit), SVG disabled, uses less memory
OpenPCI 8139 Device 1.2b4PPC
06.06.2005FreewareHPMiami/MiamiDX SANA2 driver for RTL8139A/B/C/D network card
OpenSSH 4.1p1PPC20.12.2005FreewareHPSSH protocol
OpenSSL 0.97lPPC01.12.2006OpenSourceHPport of OpenSSL 0.97l
PHP 4.4.9PPC22.02.2009OpenSourceHPPHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. (CLI and FastCGI Version)
PHP 5.2.6PPC17.08.2008OpenSourceHPPHP basic version
PolyGlot 0.65 BetaPPC20.05.2010FreewareHPMSN client
PProxy PPC12.06.2001Freeware Personal Proxy, little Proxy with cache
Privoxy 3.0.8PPC31.03.2008OpenSourceHPweb proxy
PullDog 2.0PPC11.03.2008Freeware programm to download from usenet using the NZB-descriptor files
pure-ftpd 1.0.21PPC16.01.2007OpenSource secure FTP server
RC-FTPd 2.7468k24.11.2002FreewareHPFTP server, MUI
RDesktopMUI 1.1PPC
30.01.2005FreewareHPRemote Desktop MUI is a nice end-user interface for controlling the Remote Desktop application
Remote Desktop MUI BetaPPC07.03.2006FreewareHPremote client for Windows
Remote Desktop 1.6PPC22.02.2013DonationwareHPremote client for Windows
rss2html 0.2.3PPC31.08.2005Freeware RSS to HTML converter
SabreMSN Alpha 0.7068k04.04.2010Freeware MSN client
Samba 2.0.7 w125168k16.06.2002OpenSourceHPSamba client and server
Samba 3.0.4PPC22.06.2004OpenSourceHPSamba for MorphOS, Alpha version
Samba 2.2.5 bin 68k68k20.05.2006OpenSourceHPSamba client and server port
Samba 2.2.5 base68k OpenSource Samba client and server port, base package
Samba Upd 3.0.4PPC22.06.2004OpenSourceHPupdated Samba server for MorphOS Samba
Sermonatrix 0.6PPC23.05.2011Freeware An IRC client with extendable message processing based on Lua scripts. It has MUI based graphics interface a bit resembling AmIRC, but provides many new features, like per-channel charset conversion, jumping to last read line, automatic grouping of messages and more. Written by Antoine (Czeko) Dubourg.
SeventhSense 0.14bPPC03.04.2006Freeware web update detector
Shanghai-AmIPlug 1.2PPC24.03.2009Freeware AmIRC 3+: redirects Server-Messages from the Main-Window to the Info-Window
SimpleMail 0.42PPC24.12.2015OpenSourceHPemail client
smbfs 1.7468k31.08.2009OpenSourceHPAmiga file system client for the SMB protocol, as used by \"Samba\" or the various Microsoft Windows operating systems for file and printer sharing services
Sputnik Beta 4PPC19.04.2008OpenSourceHPweb browser based on the KHTML rendering engine, it is the first MorphOS browser to fully support the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standard
Sputnik MorphOS 2.0PPC02.06.2008MorphOSHPweb browser based on the KHTML rendering engine, it is the first MorphOS browser to fully support the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standard
SSHCON 50.20PPC16.01.2007FreewareHPSSH client, remote console, req. OpenSSH, PowerTerm
strangé 0.23 FFR PescePallaPPC08.03.2008OpenSourceHPstrangé is strange, simple web browser
SurfBoard 1.1.10PPC16.02.2005OpenSourceHPtrivial web server
swfdec_plugin 2.0PPC04.04.2013OpenSourceHPflash plugin for OWB browser (1.20 and newer)
swfdec_plugin 1.2PPC11.12.2009OpenSourceHPflash plugin for OWB browser (1.19 and older)
Tango Network 1.1868k03.03.2002Freeware Samba/smb-handler GUI
Thttpd 2.25bPPC22.01.2007OpenSource HTTP server
Thttpd PHP 2.21bPPC23.02.2009OpenSourceHPHTTP server with PHP 4.4.9
Transfer 1.1PPC05.03.2011FreewareHPFTP client (MUI)
Transmission 0.6.1PPC21.07.2006OpenSourceHPtorrent client, CLI
Tubexx PPC23.10.2009OpenSource YouTube client, GUI
TwinVNC 0.8 betaPPC26.05.2007FreewareHPVNC klient
Typo-AmIPlug 2.5PPC24.01.2009Freeware typo fixer plugin for AmIRC 3+
VNCServer 1.0 RC6PPC15.10.2010FreewareHPVNC Server for remote access to your MorphOS
Voyager 3 3.3125PPC23.12.2002MorphOS web browser, JavaScriptu, frames, SSL, Flash support
WallGet 1.0PPC25.03.2005FreewareHPWGet based download manager
WAManager 1.1PPC15.03.2010FreewareHPan application to help you manage Picasa Web Albums
WBRSS 1.068k12.03.2009FreewareHPread RSS News from your WorkBench/Ambient
Wetter 2.2PPC21.02.2011FreewareHPdesktop weather display client which uses
WGet 1.9.1PPC19.03.2004FreewareHPretrieve files over net via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
WookieChat 2.11PPC31.01.2009Freeware IRC client
WookieChat 2.12 beta13PPC26.01.2010Freeware IRC client
YAM 2.9p1PPC18.04.2014OpenSourceHPmail client (Yet Another Mailer)
YAM 2.10 Dev 190928PPC28.09.2019OpenSourceHPmail client (Yet Another Mailer), development version
YAM 2.10 Dev 190928 dbgPPC28.09.2019OpenSourceHPmail client (Yet Another Mailer), development debug version

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