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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
AbkViewer 0.0.6PPC31.03.2012FreewareHPAMOS sprite and icon bank viewer for MorphOS and AROS.
Amore 0.10PPC02.07.2006Freeware displays ASCII, Wordworth, PDB documents
AMP 2 BetaPPC13.07.2006Shareware AmiDog's Movie Player 2
AnsiRead 0.268k10.10.1990Shareware displays ANSI text and graphic anims
Apdf 3.4PPC30.10.2010MorphOS PDF document viewer
ARead 2.168k12.04.1998Freeware small text reader made especially for reading small textfiles
ConDios 1.168k31.12.1998Freeware FAST ANSI text/gfx/anim viewer
Devedie 1.1.3PPC14.05.2005FreewareHPMPlayer DVD + MEncoder GUI
EvenMore 0.81 MorphOSPPC10.06.2014FreewareHPproportional font textviewer
FlashPlayer 1.4PPC26.04.2008OpenSourceHPflash (SWF) format file player
FroggerNG 2.07PPC27.07.2003SharewareHPmovie player (AVI, DivX, MPG...)
Ghostscript 8.6068k06.04.2008Freeware suite of software based on an interpreter of the Adobe PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) page description languages
Giuideance 1.068k03.11.1996Freeware AmigaGuide-Viewer, XPK/PowerGuide-support
HDRIview 1.1PPC21.11.2006Freeware HDR picture viewer
Least 0.0468k23.01.1993Freeware small, handsome text displayer
LookHere! 1.1PPC13.04.2009Freeware image viewer
LoView 2.05 MorphOSPPC13.12.2010Freeware the Easy Viewer and Thumber
mDVD 0.8PPC13.12.2006Freeware MPlayer DVD GUI
miJFIF 1.99PPC
18.10.2006FreewareHPJFIF, BMP 8/24/32bit, ILBM, ZX.SCR viewer
MinAD 1.7PPC06.03.2012OpenSource Minimalistic viewer for AutoDoc-files
MiniShowPicture 1.62PPC03.06.2004FreewareHPpicture viewer
MiniShowText 2.0PPC06.08.2004Freeware simple text viewer
MJ-More 0.168k11.07.1994Freeware MUI based ascii text viewer
Moor 2.668k11.04.1994Shareware text viewer
More 50.6PPC03.02.2010MorphOS text viewer
MoreText 0.5168k08.03.1995Freeware Text/AmigaGuide/HTML viewer, CLI
Most 1.5668k26.04.1994Freeware textviewer - XPK, Pipes, locale, ARexx support
MPlayer 1.1 SVN 21.05.2015PPC05.08.2015OpenSourceHPmovie player with GUI (DVD, AVI, DivX, MPG, QT, MOV, WMV...), mencoder included, AltiVec support for MorphOS 2.x & PowerPC G4
Muchmore 4.668k13.03.1995Freeware soft scrolling text viewer with xpk-support, fullscreen
MultiIndicator 2.368k16.12.1994Freeware shows ASCII-texts, binaries and AmigaGuide
Multiview 3.8PPC06.04.2015MorphOS multiviewer, the datatype frontend
MysticView 1.8PPC11.06.2008MorphOS picture viewer
Next 4.068k17.09.2011Freeware viewer for IBM/MSDos text, Macintosh text, MacBin, FTXT, RTF, soubory MSHelp, Unix manual pages, MSWord, MacWord, MSWrite, WordPerfect, FinalWriter and WordWorth
OpenPictureSpace 2.5PPC06.05.2005Freeware display a directory with pictures in thumb view
PicShow 31.438PPC01.02.2009FreewareHPpicture viewer
PicView 2.0468k14.10.1996Freeware picture viewer, thumbnails (v2.07 - 1997-12-23 - HP removed)
PointRider 0.50PPC12.02.2008FreewareHPPowerPoint document viewer, req. PowerSDL
RadioScript 1.08PPC25.04.2014OpenSource Arexx script for MPlayer, GUI, play internet radio/TV station, DVD, Divix and different music formats
re2c 0.13.5PPC30.10.2008OpenSourceHPScanner generator f. regular expressions
ShowGirls 1.2PPC19.12.2009MorphOSHPpicture viewer, thumbnails
ShowPPC 2.11PPC16.02.2000Freeware picture viewer
SimpleView 2.2oPPC18.12.2011Freeware view picture on Ambient/Screen, very fast and short
Slideshow 1.5bPPC
07.04.2007FreewareHPSlideshow with massive Special FX
SoftCinema 0.15PPC01.11.2001Shareware movie player (QT, MOV, AVI, ...)
SweetKiss 1.268k23.03.2004FreewareHPviewer of Kisekae Set System sets, widely know as KiSS
TDMPlayerGUI 0.11PPC25.12.2007FreewareHPsmall GUI interface for MPlayer, DVD support
TextDisplay 1.368k25.09.1999OpenSource fast MUI text viewer
Toucan 0.23PPC02.03.2006Freeware picture viewer
VLC 0.8.6f beta6PPC17.12.2008OpenSourceHPmultimedia player

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