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Program CPUReleased LicenceHP Description
Acuario 1.75bPPC
26.09.2008FreewareHPAcuario Screen Saver, 1.76 2009-02-12 was deleted from homepage
AHI 6.0PPC26.06.2006MorphOSHPretargetable audio subsystem
aiff.demuxer 51.7PPC06.08.2008FreewareHPReggae demultiplexer for Audio IFF uncompressed (AIFF) and compressed (AIFC) sound files, update for Reggae-D (MorphOS 2.1 - v51.6)
akFAXX-dt 45.65PPC
05.08.2007DonationwareHPIFF-FAXX datatype
akGIF-dt 45.9568k31.12.2008DonationwareHPGIF datatype (45.95, removed PowerPC MorphOS support, redundant datatype, there are more frequent MOS updates)
akJFIF-dt 45.9568k31.12.2008DonationwareHPJPEG datatype (45.95, removed PowerPC MorphOS support, redundant datatype, there are more frequent MOS updates)
akLJPG-dt 45.70PPC
05.08.2007DonationwareHPLJPG datatype
akNAIL-dt 45.70PPC
05.08.2007DonationwareHPIFF-NAIL datatype
akPNG-dt 45.9568k31.12.2008DonationwareHPPNG datatype (45.95, removed PowerPC MorphOS support, redundant datatype, there are more frequent MOS updates)
akSVG-dt 45.91PPC
18.03.2008DonationwareHPSVG (SView Graphics) datatype
akTIFF-dt 45.9568k31.12.2008DonationwareHPTIFF datatype (45.95, removed PowerPC MorphOS support, redundant datatype, there are more frequent MOS updates)
AllKeys 2.3PPC31.10.2008FreewareHPtool that lets you use all mapped rawkeys including MultiMedia-keys in your system
Ambient 1.43 nightlyPPC08.06.2008OpenSourceHPMorphOS desktop (daily build, no debug output, smaller, faster), req. MUI 4.0, MorphOS 1.4.5 update
Ambient 1.43 nightly debugPPC08.06.2008OpenSourceHPMorphOS desktop (daily build, debug output), req. MUI 4.0
AmiCDFS 2.4068k21.12.1997Freeware ultimate Amiga CD-ROM Filing System
AmiCDROM PPC13.09.2005Freeware CDROM disk filesystem (ISO-9660+RR+HFS)
AmigaGuideDT 50.1PPC17.02.2006Freeware Amiga guide datatype
AmigaZeux library pack PPC01.10.2006FreewareHPlibrary pack needed for a couple of amigazeux applications and programs
amossound.demuxer 51.1PPC25.05.2009FreewareHPA Reggae audio demultiplexer for AMOS sample banks. Creates multiple output ports, one per every sample contained in a bank. Cooperates with audiopcm.decoder.
APooler 1.0aPPC27.08.2006Freeware simple utility to reduce memory fragmentation
audio.output 51.11PPC15.05.2009FreewareHPA Reggae component responsible of audio playback via AHI
basSkin PPC06.04.2004Freeware MorphOS skin
bgui 41.1168k13.05.2000Freeware GUI library (f.e. FileMaster)
Blanky 1.9PPC03.02.2006FreewareHPMorphOS DPMS blanker cx
Blue Space Ninja 2.01PPC12.03.2005Freeware MorphOS skin
BlueCadillac PPC03.03.2007Freeware MorphOS skin
Bluechrome PPC06.06.2004Freeware MorphOS skin
BootCreator 1.2PPC25.01.2007OpenSource create a nice and easy to use bootmenu for Pegasos, Efika
Cairo 3.0PPC05.04.2010OpenSourceHPCairo 2D graphics library
Candy PPC26.03.2005Freeware MorphOS skin
Carbonix PPC30.10.2005Freeware MorphOS skin
Catweasel driver 20120331PPC31.03.2012OpenSourceHPMorphOS: catweasel.device, catweaselsid.device, SuperDiskImage
CDSpeedKiller 1.0PPC03.10.2003Freeware set speed of your CD/DVD Drive
CDVDFS 1.4PPC17.06.2007OpenSourceHPCDROM filesystem
CGXBootPics PPC01.07.2004Freeware MorphOS (CGX) boot pictures
Codesets 6.9PPC
21.03.2015OpenSourceHPhandles codesets and character conversions (i.e. ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, etc.)
CPUGauge 1.4PPC11.09.2009FreewareHPscreenbar plugin for MorphOS and displays the current CPU load as a smooth sliding gauge in the screen title
Def Icons 28.05.2006Freeware 162 PNG default icons for Ambient 1.43
Defrag 1.6PPC22.11.2008MorphOSHPSFS Defrag Utility
Deluxe 0.9PPC06.07.2008FreewareHPcommodity to handle Multimedia keys
DiskImage 37.768k03.02.2006Freeware mount any disk image file as a DOS device
eaudio.device 50.0PPC20.11.2007Freeware Enhanced audio.device solution for MorphOS
Egalaxtouch 1.0PPC09.09.2004Freeware Poseidon USB class for Egalax-Car-TFT-Touchscreen
EHCI USB BetaPPC25.10.2006Freeware EHCI device (USB2) driver
Elephant 20.6PPC05.06.2010FreewareHPscreenbar plugin for MorphOS 2, elephant
Exchange 1.0PPC31.08.2007OpenSource commodities Exchange utility
ext2fs 0.41PPC
05.11.2009Freeware Second Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver, MorphOS 3.9 includes newer version 0.46
ext2fs 0.46PPC11.03.2015MorphOSHPSecond Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver
FAT95 3.1168k14.09.2003Freeware Win95/98 compatible file system (FAT/FAT32)
Feelin 10.0PPC07.02.2006OpenSourceHPobject-oriented framework for the AmigaOS and its friends (AROS, MOS, AOS4)
Filesysbox 4.8PPC07.03.2015MorphOSHPFUSE compatible filesystem layer for MorphOS
FileTypes PPC27.10.2006Freeware Ambient filetypes scripts
Freeze 1.1PPC10.07.2008FreewareHPsuspends misbehaving tasks and processes.
FS1541 1.3PPC19.01.2008OpenSource filesystem for CBM 1541 disks
FTManager 1.10PPC01.09.2008MorphOSHPprogram which help you to install fonts
ft2.library 1.5PPC20.05.2005MorphOSHPnew TrueType library for MorphOS 1.4.5
get9usr 1.0PPC05.11.2004FreewareHPprivate general purpose support library (Transpoclock 1.05+, snes9xstarter 2.2+ etc.)
Giggledisk 1.19PPC
21.05.2005FreewareHPcreate DosDrivers and MountList files
Glib 2.0PPC02.11.2006OpenSourceHPport of glib and gobject libraries 2.6.6
Google Drive handler 0.4PPC29.01.2016Freeware Dos handler allowing easy access to Your Google Drive storage
HDConfig 51.4PPC22.11.2008MorphOSHPharddisk preperation utility (MorphOS 2+)
Helios 0.5 svn r622PPC16.05.2011FreewareHPOHCI-IEEE1394 (Firewire) driver, tools and SDK for MorphOS
Help 0.92PPC11.02.2005Freeware inline Help for all the MorphOS shell commands (v0.94 - 2006-02-06 - removed from hp) 51.18PPC01.05.2014MorphOSHPHTTP/1.1 protocol client as a Reggae stream class. Supports GET and POST requests including multipart posts and binary uploads. Features response header parser, post data builder, automatic redirection, proxy support and more
Chrysalis pack 3.9.2PPC13.03.2016FreewareHPinstall pack for applications, games and emulators (ISO CD) for MorphOS 3.9

SOFTWARE: AmiNetRadio, AmIRC, AnimWebConvertor, AudioEvolution4, CRABUM, DigiRoller, ExciterPlayer, FryingPan, GB3, GhostScript, Grunch, IceFileSystem, MagicBeacon MLDonkey, NTFS, PolyNet NG, PolyOrga, PolyGlot, Remote Desktop, SAB, SimpleMail, SnapShoter, SongPlayer, TopCPU, V.A.M.P

GAMES: AmigaRacer, Ace of Hearts Demo, AskMeUp XXL Demo, BattleSquadron Demo, BirdieShoot, BoXiKoN, Chromium, Islands MiniGolf, OpenBOR, ScummVM

EMULATORS: A.C.E, E-UAE, FPSE, GenesisPlus, MAME, MorphVectrex, rhLaunch, SMSPlus, VICE

IceFileSystem 2.10PPC21.10.2013FreewareHP64bit disk filesystem supporting a high number of useful features, by a design prioritised like following: 1-Reliability, 2-Scalability, 3-Efficiency, 4-Speed
IceMOS PPC14.05.2003Freeware MorphOS skin
Icons Mixed PPC28.08.2006Freeware 20 PNG icons
Iconv 3.0PPC18.01.2008OpenSourceHPport libiconv 1.11
IdestandBy 1.0PPC13.12.2006Freeware small tool to spin down motor of IDE HDs
iffdeep.decoder 51.5PPC20.11.2007FreewareHPThe class decodes IFF DEEP data used in TVPaint (RLE and DELTA compression), Photogenics and XiPaint (not compressed), update for Reggae-D
iffdeep.demuxer 51.1PPC20.11.2007FreewareHPthe class is a Reggae demultiplexer for IFF DEEP images, update for Reggae-D
iffilbm.decoder 51.5PPC20.11.2007FreewareHPthe class decodes IFF ILBM pictures, update for Reggae-D
iffilbm.demuxer 51.3PPC02.01.2010FreewareHPthe class is a Reggae demultiplexer for IFF ILBM images, update for Reggae-D
iffparse.library PPC10.10.2006MorphOSHPupdated iffparse library for MorphOS 1.4.x, fixes issues with Envoy 'Accounts Manager' being unable to read user accounts
Imaz PPC18.09.2005Freeware MorphOS skin
indetifyMOS 37.1PPC29.07.2004Freeware identify library replacement with better Scout support
Installer 43.3PPC24.03.2007OpenSource App installation utility
Installer 1.39PPC
26.09.2011DonationwareHPapplication installation utility, alternative for original Installer for AmigaOS
IRCom 2.12PPC02.06.2007FreewareHPinfra red driver system
Ixemul 49.20PPC09.08.2005OpenSourceHPlibrary that emulates Unix fuctions
jpeg.decoder 51.7PPC05.06.2010FreewareHPReggae decoder for JPEG images. Supports RGB, grayscale and CMYK images.
jpeg.demuxer 51.1PPC09.12.2007FreewareHPReggae demultiplexer for JPEG images, update for Reggae-D
jpeglibrary 6.2aPPC
05.07.2001Freeware shared library to load/save jpegs
Kens Icons V410.04.2008Freeware Ken's DualPNG Icons
Kens Icons V315.11.2007Freeware Ken's PNG Icons
Kens Icons V215.11.2007Freeware PNG icons
KeyMap 20.18PPC22.06.2014FreewareHPscreenbar plugin for MorphOS 2+, keymap switcher
KME 1.5.1PPC01.01.2006Freeware Keymap editor
libintl 1.1PPC18.01.2008OpenSource libintl library port
libSGE r030809PPC29.12.2005OpenSource SDL Graphics Extension library
LittleCms 3.0PPC03.01.2009OpenSourceHPlittle colormanagement library
LiveMixer 1.4 betaPPC11.03.2005Freeware Mixer for SBLive! 5.1 sound card
MCC BetterBalance 20.1PPC02.11.2009FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC BetterString 11.29PPC
21.03.2015OpenSourceHPcustom class for MUI
MCC BWin 22.068k20.02.2005FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC Calendar 18.3PPC03.02.2006FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC Crawling 20.9PPC30.12.2007OpenSourceHPMCC MUI library
MCC Envelope 14.168k03.08.1999Freeware MCC to edit envelopes as used by synthesizers
MCC GIFAnim 19.5PPC03.02.2006FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC Guigfx 19.268k17.10.2000Freeware custom class for MUI, can display image files in any format datatypes.library understands
MCC HexEdit 14.068k15.05.1998Freeware MCC to show/edit memory area as hex-dump
MCC HotKeyStr 12.1PPC
18.01.2004Freeware custom class for MUI
MCC HTMLtext 14.868k14.09.1997Shareware HTML text display custom class (MUI)
MCC HTMLview 13.4PPC
21.12.2007OpenSourceHPHTMLview.mcc is a custom class for MUI which offers HTML viewing capabilities. The class supports most of the HTML 4.0 standard as defined by W3C, it is infact often more accurate than most browsers
MCC Lamp 20.6PPC30.12.2007OpenSourceHPMCC MUI library
MCC LayGroup 19.3PPC25.03.2008OpenSourceHPMCC MUI library, automatic object layout within a group
MCC Mailtext 3.168k29.07.1998Freeware custom class for MUI, Mailtext.mcc 19.8
MCC MimeEditor 1.468k06.10.1998Freeware MUI custom class for editing MIME files (e-mail standard)
MCC MiniMailer 22.0PPC21.01.2008FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC NewString 16.1868k27.12.2005Freeware MCC class, required for IBrowse
MCC NList 0.120PPC
21.03.2015OpenSourceHPcustom class for MUI
MCC Plot 1.7PPC22.11.2008FreewareHPMUI class, graph, export to Calc (ODS)
MCC Popph 15.568k03.07.2000Freeware Popup placeholder class (MUI)
MCC Readargsgr 11.068k25.10.1998Freeware build GUI from ReadArgs template
MCC SpeedBar 19.4PPC03.02.2006FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC TextEditor 15.46PPC22.03.2015OpenSourceHPTexteditor custom class for MUI
MCC TheBar 26.16PPC
22.03.2015OpenSourceHPcustom class for MUI
MCC TipOfDay 15.868k03.07.2000Freeware 'Tip of the day' class (MUI)
MCC ToolBar 15.12PPC
06.08.2005Freeware Toolbar custom class for MUI
MCC TransferAnim 1.568k14.10.1999Freeware MUI Custom Class for displaying transfer-animations
MCC TWFmultiLE 12.668k06.12.1999Freeware MUI indicator LED class
MCC UrlText 20.0PPC05.11.2007FreewareHPcustom class for MUI
MCC Wheel 1.0 beta68k08.02.2000Freeware like modulation wheel of a keyboard
md5.library 2.0PPC14.07.2011Freeware A small shared library calculating MD5 sum of files and memory buffers. Uses reference RSA code, done by "widelec". Developer files and documentation included.
MemoryGauge 1.3PPC11.09.2009FreewareHPscreenbar plugin for MorphOS and displays all kinds of memory information as a gauge in the screen title
MMKeyboard 4.11PPC27.02.2009FreewareHPmultimedia keyboard driver
mnglib 2.0PPC03.01.2009OpenSourceHPMultiple-image Network Graphics library (1.0.10)
MorphOS 3.16PPC09.03.2022CommercialHPPowerPC operating system, microkernel, morphos-3.16-hybrid.hdimg (SD Card / USB Image for Efika, Sam460, X5000)
MorphOS 1.4.x Update Pack 1.0PPC01.01.2009FreewareHPupdate pack for the now out-of-date MorphOS 1.4.x which includes various minor improvements
MorphOS 3D Update R2PPC10.06.2006MorphOSHPupdated 3D drivers for MorphOS 1.4.5, 3D support for ATI Radeon cards
MorphOSPointers 1.01PPC26.03.2009Freeware some nice pointers for MorphOS 2, 8 pointer sets (124 separate pointers)
MorphQS+ 1.05PPC25.11.2005Freeware MorphOS skin
MouseEyes 1.0PPC28.08.2009FreewareHPscreenbar plugin that displays fun, user-configurable eyes that apparently look at and follow the mouse pointer no matter where it goes
MUI 4 2007-12-23 BetaPPC23.12.2007MorphOSHPMagic User Interface, latest version recommended for MorphOS 1.4.5
MUICON 50.37PPC21.02.2007FreewareHPMUI based concole handler with own terminal (PowerTerm 50.70)
muigfx 1.0PPC10.09.2007FreewareHPmuigfx.library was removed from MUI distribution, preventing the Voyager web brower from working, this reimplementation fixes this problem
multimedia.class 52.15PPC19.06.2009FreewareHPthe base class of Reggae framework. Contains also Reggae API as a shared library function set
multiread.buffer 51.6PPC19.06.2009FreewareHPReggae system class used by the framework for building decoding trees. The class allows for peeking datastream multiple times. Requires multimedia.class 52.14+
NetPrinter 1.14PPC
22.04.2009FreewareHPdriver for network printing
NetPrinter 1.15PPC02.02.2012MorphOSHPdriver for network printing
NewWait4Port 1.1PPC03.11.2005Freeware Replacement for WaitForPort command
Nostalgia PPC13.10.2004Freeware MorphOS skin, styl AmigaOS 1.x
06.02.2009FreewareHPNew Technology Filesystem (NTFS) driver, NTFS 0.8 on MorphOS 2.2 CD - contributions
NTFS-3G-MorphOS R4PPC27.05.2013OpenSourceHPport of NTFS-3G 2013.1.13, req. MorphOS 3.2+
Nunexus PPC14.05.2003Freeware MorphOS skin
ODE 1.1aPPC30.12.2005OpenSourceHPOpen Dynamics Engine library
Ofour 2.0PPC13.03.2005Freeware MorphOS skin, OS 4 styled
Onefive PPC13.06.2004Freeware MorphOS skin
OpenPCI 2.1PPC
06.06.2005FreewareHPOpen Source PCI Bus driver projekt
OpenURL 7.16PPC21.03.2015OpenSourceHPlibrary was created to make it easier for application programmers to include clickable URLs in their applications, about windows, etc.
MorphOS 2.7+ includes OpenURL 8.1 (22.09.2009)
parallel.device 51.3PPC03.06.2006MorphOSHPupdated parallel.device for MorphOS 1.4.x, fixes blockage when there's nothing connected to the port and partial loss of printouts
passwd 1.2PPC01.03.2012OpenSource simple password protection on boot
pcx.demuxer 51.1PPC26.12.2007FreewareHPthe class is a Reggae demultiplexer for ZSoft PCX images, update for Reggae-D
pdksh 5.2.14PPC11.01.2007OpenSource port of recent pdksh shell used in GG enviroment
PFS3 5.368k22.04.2011OpenSourceHPProfessional File System III (original from 1999, now free and open-source)
PhysicsFS 1.1.0PPC19.02.2008OpenSourceHPlibrary to provide abstract access to various archives
Poseidon 3.3PPC24.02.2006MorphOS Poseidon USB Stack, req. MUI 4.0
PowerSDL 16.1PPC22.12.2013OpenSourceHPSimple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library
Prism2 1.7PPC
10.02.2008OpenSource driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
ReAction for MorphOS 1.0aPPC
 FreewareHPReAction files suitable for MorphOS. You will now be able to run ReAction software such as AmiArcadia, CodeWar, MCE and Report+ under MorphOS.
Reggae DPPC04.08.2007FreewareHPobject oriented multimedia processing framework, for MorphOS 1.x
Reggae Update FPPC19.06.2011FreewareHPobject oriented multimedia processing framework, update for MorphOS 2.7
RexxMustHave 23.3PPC23.12.2007FreewareHPRexx Must Have functions
RoyalBridge 1.168k03.11.1998Freeware Arexx external function library which acts as a bridge to any Amiga shared library
13.10.1998Freeware ReTargetable Graphics
RTGMaster 42.2PPC07.09.2009FreewareHPrtgmaster.library rewrite for MorphOS (req. RTG 42.0)
rtl_8139pci.device 50.12PPC05.06.2006MorphOSHPupdated rtl_8193pci.device for MorphOS 1.4.x, fixed to handle 100mbit speeds properly with rtl network cards
RxMUI 42.768k23.01.2008FreewareHPARexx MUI Library
Scalos Beta 41.7PPC15.03.2010FreewareHPWorkbench like MorphOS desktop
Scout 3.6PPC24.04.2006Freeware system monitor and task manager
Screen Recorder 1.1PPC18.12.2009Freeware a program for generating video sequences of computer display activity
SCSIConfig 1.36PPC03.10.2002MorphOSHPpartitioning tool (MorphOS 1.x)
setup3snd 1.0PPC19.06.2005FreewareHPPegasos: enable SigmaTel 9766 3d sound
SFS Recover Tool 0.01PPC03.06.2005Freeware recover tool for SFS partitions
SFSDoctor 1.1PPC02.06.2006FreewareHPrecover tool for SFS partitions
SFSDoctor 1.6PPC31.10.2009MorphOSHPrecover tool for SFS partitions
SFSCheck 2.45PPC30.10.2005Freeware utility to check a SmartFileSystem device structure
SFSResize 1.0PPC21.06.2005FreewareHPtool to change the size of a SFS partition
SGI XFS 0.8PPC03.12.2006FreewareHPSGI XFileSystem (XFS) driver
Sky PPC30.08.2006Freeware MorphOS skin
SlovenskoMOS PPC
03.01.2009Freeware Slovakia country for MorphOS and AmigaOS - EURO
SmartInfo 1.0468k03.01.2000OpenSource SFSQuery and SFSdefragmentGUI replacement with MUI GUI
Smokealot PPC10.02.2006Freeware MorphOS skin
Smokealot Grey PPC10.02.2006Freeware MorphOS skin
smpeg 0.4.4PPC30.05.2005OpenSource SDL MPEG Player library
SnoopDOS 3.9PPC14.02.2007OpenSource system monitor
Snoopium 1.6PPC09.03.2008OpenSourceHPsystem monitoring tool
Snoopium 1.14PPC31.08.2014MorphOSHPsystem monitoring tool
Snowskin PPC13.11.2004Freeware MorphOS skin
Sound Datatypes Pack 2 PPC09.08.2004Freeware Unofficial update of sound datatypes
SpaceStation PPC30.08.2006Freeware MorphOS skin
SQL Lite 3.2.2PPC07.05.2006OpenSource an Embeddable SQL Database Engine
SQlite 3.6.1-amigaPPC
22.10.2008OpenSourceHPSQL database engine
SQlitequery 0.10PPC23.10.2008OpenSource example for using the sqlite3 library
sunraster.decoder 51.5PPC25.12.2007FreewareHPthe class decodes SunRaster data used in Solaris Operating System, update for Reggae-D
sunraster.demuxer 51.1PPC25.12.2007FreewareHPThe class is a Reggae demultiplexer for SunRaster images, update for Reggae-D
sysflush 1.3PPC06.03.2012OpenSource CLI tool to flush unused libraries and devices, it can also act in background
SysInspector 1.468k13.02.1998Freeware system monitor
targa.decoder 51.5PPC26.06.2008FreewareHPReggae class, decodes targa pictures, update for Reggae-D
targa.demuxer 51.1PPC26.06.2008FreewareHPReggae demultiplexer for TARGA images, update for Reggae-D
TaskManager 50.11PPC21.08.2013MorphOSHPtask manager
ThailandMOS PPC
16.01.2009FreewareHPThailand country for MorphOS and AmigaOS
Toolbar Images PPC10.02.2006Freeware toolbar images for Ambient browser
Trackdisk.device 41.3PPC21.08.2007OpenSourceHPPegasos floppy driver (PC HD 1,4MB)
TriMa PPC07.06.2004Freeware MorphOS skin
TTEngine 7.2PPC25.12.2005OpenSourceHPTrueType text rendering engine
UniLibDev 5.12PPC
14.10.2007Freeware Unicode code point/UTF-8 support lib
UnitControl 3.5PPC05.06.2011MorphOSHPIDE drivers list, control and configuration
Uptime 1.0PPC11.09.2009FreewareHPScreenbar-Plugin for MorphOS, displays the Systems Uptime in the screen title
URD 0.50 betaPPC10.10.2004Freeware Software RAID solution
usbboot 1.12PPC03.02.2008FreewareHPboot Pegasos from usb device or drawer
ViaRhine-WakeUp PPC11.11.2005Freeware this app kiss your onboard lan and wake it up
VirtualFloppy 1.068k24.12.1997Shareware virtual floppy (like FMS)
VirtualPaula 1.0PPC21.05.2005FreewareHPa simple mixer library for MorphOS meant to be used in mod player routines, used by soundmonplay.library
VorbisFile Library 3.2PPC22.09.2005Freeware shared library to read and write ogg vorbis files
WarpBMPdt 45.7PPC
11.03.2011SharewareHPBMP datatype
WarpDTPrefs 45.5PPC
08.06.2011FreewareHPWarpDT preferences program
WarpJPEGdt 45.9PPC
29.02.2012SharewareHPJFIF-JPEG datatype
WarpPCXdt 45.5PPC
25.02.2011SharewareHPPCX datatype
WarpPNGdt 45.16PPC
03.03.2012SharewareHPPNG datatype
WarpPSDdt 45.5PPC
15.04.2011SharewareHPAdobe Photoshop PSD datatype
WarpTIFFdt 45.8PPC
06.03.2011SharewareHPTIFF datatype
Workbench 3.9 Icons WB 3.9 PNG icons
xpk.demuxer 51.2PPC25.06.2009FreewareHPThis Reggae class adds transparent support for any data compressed with XPK
ZoolIconPack very cool MorphOS Zool icons (Ambient, PNG)
zxscreen.decoder 51.3PPC19.06.2009FreewareHPReggae decoder for ZX Spectrum screen dumps in various formats, cooperates with zxscreen.demuxer
zxscreen.demuxer 51.3PPC24.04.2009FreewareHPReggae demultiplexer for ZX Spectrum screen dumps in different formats: raw, ZX Interface 1, ZX82 (Speculator)

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